Scam report about Mary Hassany

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Hassany
Age:  25
Location:  Senegal,Dakar
Phone:  221772215856 (Dakar ,Senegal )
Report:  She sent me one messaje ,she said that she wants to have a friend,my cousing gave her my e mail,then one day she told me that she has 4.5 million dollar in Bank of England and told me if i send some money she would give me 15%,from money that she has in the bank she said to me that she is living in refuges camp in Dakar and the water and groceries run short very scarse and also told me that her life is in risk,she would need the money to leave Senegal then i sent $6000.00 in differents a amount and lost the money after i spoken with the bank every thing was false but she keeps her telephone number yet she has a (scammer network) together with her there are 2 men a lawyer and the reverend, sincerily Thomas

Status of report:  is still without proof

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