Scam report about Ashli Dodds

First name:  Ashli
Last name:  Dodds
Aka:  Jenny Gibson
Age:  28
Location:  Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria
Phone:  1110440601
On websites:
Report:  She told me she was from Fort Wayne, In. Told me she lived with father until he died a year ago. Also after a few emails said she needed 400.00 to get back home because she was robbed and the Nigerian government took her traveling document after I sent the money said she was in Amsterdam being detained said Nigerian immigration told her to pay another 500.00 dollars which after some thought that it was stupid had knowledge of popular music and all she wanted to do is couldnt wait till we were holding in each others arms. Well come to find out said her goods were being held in customs which were worth 56,000 here said she would pay me back with interest if i sent her the 2,600 to get her goods then she could come home needless to say I put a stop to it right there

Status of report:  is still without proof

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