Scam report about Anna 

First name:  Anna
Phone:  +380668889077
On websites:  FDating
Report:  asked what she looked for and said sex and money so dug further, here is the text from skype. [00:52:23] Litvin Tanya: do u wanna be only one???? [00:52:38] Litvin Tanya: so give me enough mone and i'll be urs [01:04:42] PeterAdams: you [01:05:12] PeterAdams: can't show me because it is a scam, true? [01:05:24] Litvin Tanya: yes [01:05:31] PeterAdams: why do it? [01:05:49] PeterAdams: you take money from many men

Status of report:  is still without proof

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