Scam report about Kateryna Berezina

First name:  Kateryna
Last name:  Berezina
Age:  27
Location:  Ukraine, Lvovskij region , Borislav
Phone:  +380664785866
Report:  Hello my darling, wow thank you for your invitation, you are a real gentleman and nothing stops you if you want to meet a decent woman, that makes me feel very happy of course. Well, darling i actually already found out like what do i need to go there to you and everything is not that easy as it seems from the first sight. You see, but for ticket i will need the International passport and visa. Any way i know that it is possible to do that documents easy, wish no problems and fast if i go to any travel company, so i did it. i was talking to the travel agent in my town and she told me about all the details. So Jxxx,first of all i will need to make the international passport and i have only Ukrainian one, of course it is not proper one to travel abroad. So, this one they will help me to make but to get it for one week would cost 230 dollars? Well, what about the priced that you mention , yes probably it will cost like that but i will have to wait about tree month for it or even more, so believe me it is not that good idea for me and i hope that for your too! I know that for you it may seems surprising but you can ask any Ukrainian person who doesn't live in Kiev like how long they have been waiting for the passport if they don't make the urgent one... Well, any way one week it is really not much to wait and i think that it would be the best variant. Well, also what about visa it will cost like 289 dollars to make it for three days and so it would be like a tourists one and i will be able to stay in the country no more the 30 days, but i think that it is quite enough : ) So, the price that you mentioned is also not very right because it is only official price but if we want to be sure that we get this visa and dont get a refusal it is better to pay for it for the travel company that will organize all the needed documents. In Ukraine it is a very long process to make it alone. Well, and also i would need the flight ticket, so darling this is the less problematic question where to get a ticket but i should say that at the travel company i was told about the variety of discounts exactly to England, so at this time they sell lots of urgent ticket for the half of the sum. So, they told me that making the documents would take like 2-2.5 weeks. But we should do everything step by step starting with the International passport. Well, that is it my honey. I think that it is actually not that much to do but of course the only one question that comes to my mind is the financial one that this trip is rather expensive for me still even with all the discounts. So, dear i will be waiting for your letter, what will you say for all these things. I love you very much and as for me i really want to meet you very very much, i am sure that it is very important for both of us! I kiss you and gonna miss you! your Kate mailbox: ///C|/Users/John/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles/97pkfdg7.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Personal%20Folders.sbd/Friends.sbd/Kate?number=1834185∂=1.3&type=image/jpeg&filename=x_261a3510.jpg

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