Scam report about Yana Vasich

First name:  Yana
Last name:  Vasich
Aka:  _Venerra_
Age:  30
Location:  Ukraine Sevastopol
Address:  99011 Sevastopol Ukraine Generala Petrova 10
Phone:  +380986983400 and +380666662859
Email: and :
On websites:  1st international - Drivedating - Online Dating Ukraine
Report:  I was contacted back in November by Yana Vasich (she's 30 years old) in November through Drivedating Ukraine. Drivedating is an affiliate of Ist International, Natashaclub, Onlinedating Ukraine, Hot Russian brides and so forth. I done a lot of internet searching for any information on her before I went to see her, but could find nothing. The reason for that is, I later found out she only posted her profile in November 2010 and just getting into the game. She is from Sevastopol and a real con artist. Soon after exchanging a few letters she suggested I buy her contact information from the site because she said she could speak good English, wanted to terminate her search, keep our correspondence private and concentrate on me/us. She also said that she wanted to correspond privately so we could exchange pictures and so forth. I bought her information from the site and we started our private communication. What I found out later is that you think you are buying their private e-mail address, but it's not private. She told me it's an e-mail set for her by the agency to which they have full access and can read all your correspondence. All her letters had perfect English, she never asked for anything directly, but there were little hints along the way about how she was not paid much money at work, life was tough, how her daughters shoes were worn out and so forth. I thought that sounded like a reasonable complaint, so never thought much of it. We made plans and I went to visit her for 3 weeks in January this year (2011). Close to when I was about to leave, she told me she had arranged some nice excursions for us and would I mind if she brought her interpreter along. She also asked me if it would be OK to bring her interpreter along to the airport to meet me. Her explanation for that was she wanted our first real like communication to be perfect. I thought that a little funny seeing how she said she could speak English and her English was so perfect in her letters, but again I let it go...stupid me. What I didn't know and didn't find out until I got there was that she could speak very little English and she was using her interpreter to write me. It was all part of her master plan to lure guys thinking she spoke English and could be together without interpreters and so forth. She met me at the airport and of course she had her interpreter with her. During our correspondence Yana suggested that she could find a much nicer apartment than was on the web-sites, because she knew people who were in the business and it would be much nicer and cheaper cheaper for me that way. All I had to do was send her the money and she would take care of it. I agreed to it and told her I would send her the money to pay the deposit and for the taxi ride to and from the the airport. I sent her $245 through Western Union. In her letters she thanked me for the money and said she had paid two nights deposit ($100) she would pay for the taxi.....about another $120. I was going to be there for 18 nights. When we arrived at the apartment there was a guy there and she introduced him as the landlord, so I presumed he owned the place. He said I owed him $900 for my stay. I said no, that's not correct.....Yana said told me she already paid for 2 nights. He, the interpreter and Yana talked to each other in Russian and then the Interpreter said that Yana says you never sent any she presumed you decided to pay for everything when you arrived. Again I reiterated (through the interpreter) about how she thanked me in her letters for the money, how I got conformation through the Western Union web site that she did pick it up. Again she was very adamant that she never received any money from me. She said don't I know the agency has access to all our mail, they probably seen I sent money, they probably took and it was them who wrote in our letters about her getting the money. I asked without any money how did she reserve the apartment. She said lucky enough, the landlord is a friend of hers and he was kind enough to hold it without a deposit. The supposed landlord (his name was (Sergey) seemed to be getting anxious and said do I want the apartment or not?. I was really having a bad feeling that something was going on here, but it was late at night, I was between a rock and a hard place and I wanted to get some sleep, so I paid it and asked for a receipt. He said he couldn't give me a receipt now, but if I give him my e-mail he will send me one tomorrow. At that they all took of. Yana said she was tired, but she would come by at 10 the next morning because she had an excursion planned for us. Yes my supposedly new girlfriend left me right there and took of with them without even the blink of an eye. By the way the apartment was about 20 minutes form the center by car, It was clean, but a very old apartment, the sink was leaking and the hot water heater kept shutting of. The kitchen was very outdated, the TV was old and only had a few Russian channels. However it did have WI-FI. Thank God for that. I didn't get much sleep that night because I just had this bad feeling that I was being scammed. The next morning came and as she said she arrived at 10am. When I opened the door, therre she was all bright eyed and cheery and of course with her interpreter. Not a hug or even a peck on the cheek did I get. There was no time to waste because the taxi driver was waiting and we must go. They told me we were going to Yalta, I would love it there and the nature was so nice on the drive there. Yes the nature was nice and that was the only thing about it. Our first stop was for breakfast at which her and her interpreter eat many dishes and of course I was supposed to pay for everything. It was the same for lunch, dinner and the same scenario all the time. We got back to Sevastopol that evening around 5pm. All of a sudden Yana was tired, she needed to go home and look after her daughter, but she would come back in the morning at 10am, because she had arranged an excursion to Balaklava. I was getting rather annoyed at this point and I didn't hide my feelings. I went up to my apartment and about an hour later she text me to say how much she enjoyed the day with me and she will have more time to spend with me the following week. Anyway, to make a long story endless, if we weren't going on some excursion, she wanted to go shopping, wanted a manicure, pedicure, hair do and so forth. And still no sign of any affection what so ever. She always had some reason as to why we could not spend any real alone time together. We arranged for her to come to my apartment, we would rent a movie, cook something to eat and so forth. I assumed she was coming alone and we could have some private time. She came alright, but had her daughter with her and said she was sorry but she had nobody to look after Vlada. Anyway I could go on and on but whats the point. It was a total scam scam and she had no interest in me what so ever other than what she could scam me for. Below is her letters in which she talks about arranging the apartment for me and getting the money which she denied later. I have done some investigating and have found out through others and the agency that the apartment she got me belonged to her friend and she was let use it without any cost at all. Sergey, the supposed landlord was her friend and he was in on the scam with her. I requested a receipt many times, the bed linen was never even changed once, nor did anyone ever clean the place. I have been on this earth a long time and never, never have I met such ruthless, heartless, deceitful people in my life. I can see now why Russians or Ukrainians can't get a visa to any civilized Western country. This was my second trip to meet a woman there. The first one wasn't much better than this one and never again will make this venture. These women look good all dressed up and sexy, but they are cold, heartless thieves and underneath all that glamor is a wolf in sheep clothing. Since I came back she keeps sending me letters and text messages about how she misses, has fallen for me while still writing to other men and setting them up with the same scenario she did me. I know that because since I have made a fuss the agency have finally told me that's she's writing to many men and uses the same scenario if they want to come and visit her. Since I made a big fuss about what she did to me, they have now removed her from their web-sites. Here is her introduction letter to everyone and which she sent to me. Dearest XXXXXX! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Yana. I absolutely love what you have written in your profile and I like you a lot - I would be happy to continue our correspondence and get to know each other better... Let me tell you about myself) I live in nice city Sevastopol near the black sea. I have a daughter. She is small. She is eight years old. Her name is Vlada. I live with mother, her husband, I have a sister, she lives in Germany, went there to study and stayed to live there. I have a grandmother. I have two dogs and the cat. Do you like animals? I'm looking for a man who knows how to take care of the family will be happy to spend time with his family, who loves children, nature and animals. I like funny, intelligent, romantic man, leading a healthy lifestyle. I want to find love and be together for life, to love each other and rejoice. I like to travel, I like hiking in the mountains, biking, dancing, walking in the woods. I am learning to play billiards. Russian billiards play harder than in the U.S., because a large table) Photography - this is my main occupation, and my job. My dream is to open a photo studio. Like all people I dream of a happy and united family, beloved husband, on the work that brings joy and money, on travel. I have a favorite beach in the Crimea, called the Lost World. He's on the cape Aiya, go look on the Internet))). I'm learning English and know it quite well. Tell me about you more. And what you want to know about me? I look forward to an answer! Write soon! Warmly, Yana. Her request for money: Honey, I am so glad we already start planning your trip here! I also suggest that you check the flights from Kiev to Sevastopol - our airport started working this Summer - and I know that it now it works too - because my friends used it recently. So maybe it will be convenient for you to come to Sevastopol airport. I like your idea about getting an apartment instead of a hotel. I have very good friends who work in this field. I will talk to them - and I am sure in them and I will find you an apartment exactly what you want. XXXXX, can you please tell me for you exactly how many days approximately you are going to stay - and at least approximate dates. You can send me the deposit required by Western Union and I will book the apartment and take the invoice for you and scan it and send it to you by e-mail and you will pay the rest of the cost when you get here, ok? I will find the perfect apartment close to where I live. Warmly Yana. Her letter saying she got the money: My dearest, dearest XXXXXXX, Thank you for your wonderful letter. XXXXX. I picked up the money from Western Union today. You know XXXXX, I think we really feel each other - because yesterday Vlada torn her Winter boots and it is impossible to repair them, so I need to buy new ones and was thinking where to lend the money, because I don't have any - you know how things happen unexpectedly. My dearst XXXXXX, if you don't mind I will use a little of the money you sent me (don't worry I will still have enough for apartment and taxi) to get Vlada new Winter boots or she will not be able to go outside. Sweetest XXXXXX, I hope you not angry with me. Honey, It's a wonderful day today, today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow we celebrate our Christmas - Orthodox Christmas. Tomorrow it is forbidden to work - so I will probably spend the whole day with Vlada - relaxing and having fun. Vlada hopes it will snow tomorrow and we go out to play in the snow and sledge. XXXXXX, Christmas Eve is considered a magic day. It's a more magic day for me because I have you. I hope it's a magic day for you to. I wait impatiently for your answer. Your Dorogaya :), Yana

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