Scam report about Svetlana Laptinova

First name:  Svetlana
Last name:  Laptinova
Aka:  Sveta
Age:  32/33
Location:  Ukraine Lugansk
Phone:  380505577021
Report:  Plays on your emotions to scam using abad husband that will not provide clothes or medicicen for her and there children when they are ill.Will invite you to go to Lugansk,will not meet you at the airport due to not being able to get away from her husband or his family's close watch on her,i think they do that because she as done the same thing before.she can never find time to see you when you go to Lugansk,i know from experiance asihave beento Lugansk twice.was always going to meet me but never did,it ws as well was in Lugnsk ona business matter whenwewhere tring to strt a business there.It was not that way on the 10th May 2010 when she let me go to set out to go to Lugansk when she was supposed to be living apart fom her husband,i had told her my traveling plans for that day,she even text me late on te 8th May to askif i ws realy comingandi texttat i ws,we even text each other on the 9th May as late as 10pm as i ws in a hotel ready to flight out at 7am on the 10th then i text her to ell her i was just boarding the plane nd i would call her when i got to Kiev whee i hada 3 hour wait to catch the flight to Lugansk,i called ger and she said either she could not talk to me or did not want to talk to me.I was in total shock that the person i was relying on to help mewhilst i wasthee,know i could not speak the lanaguage would leave me strandad,because thats what she did,it turned out at after that she had sent the text late on the 8th May fromher husbands home as it appears she was back at his home.I will leave the report at hat asit wold take up to much room and time to tell it all.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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