Scam report about Ally Andrew

First name:  Ally
Last name:  Andrew
Age:  30
Location:  Mt. Shasta, CA, USA
On websites:
Report:  How are you doing and how is your work going?I did receive my payment today,But i was unable to cash because its United state check and bank said it wont clear till 1 month and 2weeks,I cant wait till then i'm really stressed up here and i need some rest,I will be taken 2 weeks vacation,I guess we can seal a chance of meeting then,.My prob now is getting back to state because i have paid for my flight fare but i'm behind the balance of $950 to complete the fee. I will like to be out of here before next weekend,Life is cruel here if you can help me out concerning this,i will refund the money to you when i return to home or access my account at your vicinity and refund your money,i couldn't access my online account here to ask the bank for wire transfer ,because the poor service here,That's why i was restricted of doing such for security reason,that i was told by my bank personal when i contacted them about my situation here,they couldn't help out so i decided to ask you for this favor,i know its too early but it's very unlike me and i hope it wont end our relationship.Please I'm so bored here and stressed up. You should be wondering,don't i have parent to contact or siblings,Unfortunately for me,I'm the only child of my family,father and mother are both passed on,if not they have always been the one I lean and look up to when i need help but they are gone and I'm left behind to face the cruelty of life,Please help me out huh. WITH ALL OF GOD'S LOVE Alby Copy of Yahoo IM kevingair1: that is not it. You are running a scam and I have your IP address and will be reporting you to my government, to CB, and to kevingair1: please do not contact me any further as you already in enough trouble for attempted kevingair1: the FBi will be tracking you kevingair1: FBI Ally Andrew: What's wrong with you Ally Andrew: do you think am a kid Ally Andrew: or what the hell are you telling me Ally Andrew: Get the fuck away... kevingair1: This is an old scam kevingair1: and I have the necessary information for the FBI to file criminal charges on you Ally Andrew: Thanks... and the Lord knows am real okay kevingair1: you are a fraud Ally Andrew: GO TO HELLL....MONSTER Ally Andrew: LOL kevingair1: BUSTED!!!! Ally Andrew: you look babooom Ally Andrew: UGLY DUCKLY LOL Ally Andrew: HAHAHAHA Ally Andrew: HEHEHEHE Ally Andrew: AWWW kevingair1: yes, you are a kid Ally Andrew: GO and Kill youreself kevingair1: and not very bright at that Ally Andrew: bye kevingair1: suck me Ally Andrew: MONSTER kevingair1: bitch Ally Andrew: I Will shoot ass Ally Andrew: ASSHOLE Ally Andrew: hahahhaahha kevingair1: 'right junior Ally Andrew: TAKE OFF THIS YOUR URGLY FACE ON CAM

Status of report:  is still without proof

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