Scam report about Sharon Henderson

First name:  Sharon
Last name:  Henderson
Age:  31
Location:  Iperu, Shagamu (Sagamu), Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:  AmatureMatch, Facebook, Singlesnet
Report:  This woman or (man) contacted me in June 2010. She conned me of 1000 usd plus the expense of airline ticket which I was able to get a partial refund after she claimed to be in an auto accident on the way to the airport. She claimed to have spent several weeks in Healing Springs Teaching Hospital ( the first two comatose )and when she got out tried to blame it on me. RED FLAG PEOPLE. Well I did not accept that but continued to stay in contact with her as she backed off. When she finally got out, she of course could no longer work for The RED CROSS as she had claimed in the beginning. so I started send her a little money every month to help her until we could try to get her back to the US. She had presented me with a US passport which I eventually had checked out by my congressman's office and the number belonged to another man here in the US. She claimed she knew about it and would have to deal with the problem when she got back home. After this, I continue to talk to her but backed off sending money to her. But still have sent her some a couple of times. I decided to do some more checking again and found this website yesterday. Am I glad I did ! They claim to need 2000 to pay off her hospital bill. The hospital is holding her passport until she gets it paid.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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