Scam report about Nancy Heck

First name:  Nancy
Last name:  Heck
Age:  36
Location:  Mexico
On websites:  Throught Dating Sites
Report:  This young woman mantains that she is a nurse in the Army stationed in Iraq. She spun the story that she was escorting a wounded soldier back to his home in West Africa (Ghana). She had a credit card but no cash and maintaned that her credit card was not accepted in Ghana. So like a fool,over a number of weeks i sent sent her a totol of $30,000 Aust.Dollars so that she could have accomodation and food there and to buy Her air fare to come to visit me in Australin. This Did not happen as she had a number ot things happen whilst in Ghana :- $5000 suposidly stolen, Then she used another $5000 in a get rich scheme buying diamonds and various other reasons why the money was evaperating.Then she had a telegram from an Sergent Greves or Graves telling her that her Mother had taken Ill and she had to go back home to Mexico. I have not heard from her since. I am writing this so nobody else will get scammed from this individual. I know that i have been a fool.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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