Scam report about monica osei akousa

First name:  monica
Last name:  osei akousa
Location:  Ghana
On websites:
Report:  Pleads for money when you become friends. How much do you need? 14:24 Me monica osei akousa i need 50 dollars 14:25 I cant afford that at the moment, I havent been paid for a long time. 14:26 Me monica osei akousa oh okay 14:28 so when can i get the money pls 14:28 I will see what I can do. 14:29 Me monica osei akousa so when plscos i have not got paid yet that is why pls We are both the same. We have both not been paid and are both skint. 14:35 I need to see how much money is left after I pay the rent, since I owe money for bills. 14:36 Me monica osei akousa so you promise me like monday or friday so tht i know wht to do pls 14:36

Status of report:  is still without proof

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