Scam report about Uliyana Ilomanova

First name:  Uliyana
Last name:  Ilomanova
Age:  26
Location:  Russia, Slaviansk
On websites:
Report:  She said that she is model and in Russia there isn?t much opportunities, so she is going abroad. In all emails she attached sensual photos. On letter dated 3th march she introduced herself. On 4th march she told about her plans to leave Russia. She told her mother has the money. On 5th march she said again about her mother?s finacial help. Everything is right. On 6th march is said she was going to moscou. On 7th march, she was in moscou and today (8th),she told her mother hasn?t enough money and ask for US$ 900 to be send to western union. She informed this adress: Zoologicheskaya 8, kv.6,Moscow,Russia. That woman acts fast. She sent the pre booked as prove her trip, but this can be cancelled any time. How can I send her photos?

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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