Scam report about anastasia krasnikova

First name:  anastasia
Last name:  krasnikova
Aka:  anastasia leonadovna, anastasia lyalyalyal, nastia ldognr, neznakomka, zolotaya, anadim2005, Loginova Galina, Olya, Prikolnaya
Age:  24
Location:  simferopol, ukraine, crimea, ukraine, odessa, kiev, moscow
Phone:  trying to retrieve...
On websites:  a foreign affair (active) and its affiliates: Hot Russian Brides and it affiliates (inactive withdra
Report:  i travelled to spend three months in Crimean Region of Ukraine from August 30, 2010 to November 24. 2010. I was scheduled to meet a girl i had been writing to for about four months through the HOT RUSSIAN BRIDES SITE at the airport upon my arrival in Simferopol, Ukraine. At my arrival an interpreter whom i had met from the agency on a previous trip the year before met me but the girl i was to meet had cancelled meeting me with the interpreter. I was shocked that the girl did not come to meet me and had reported a severe last minute illness to the interpreter. The interpreter told me she would take me to my flat and would arrange to have a nice serious girl to meet me the following day. Unhappy about the circumstances...yet stuck in the situation i went along with the interpreters suggestion and met Anastasia (Nastya) a beautiful girl who reportedly spoke no English, was a professional Psychologist on staff at the university in Simferopol working with young children. To make a very long story short....this girl led me to believe she fell in love with me, was serious to marry me and would date no other men...i fell in love with her, gave up all ideas of traveling through out ukraine to meet other girls and pledged myself to her alone. We dated freguently over the months of september and october...and i purchased her many expensive gifts, spent thousands of dollars on interpreter fees and presents, expensive restaurants and through a accidental meeting i found out that she was dating another foreigner from the same dating agency as i was registered during the same periods i was dating fact many of the dates we had scheduled were cancelled by her interpreter who lied to me about the reasons for the cancellations as she was lying to both men...i later met this man through a man who was acquainted with both of us as an interpreter and had on one occaision translated for the other man and Anastasia...when the male interpreter friend realized that both of his friends were being played by this girl...(when he saw a photo of her and i together he realized that she was the girl we were both with) he alarmed us both telling us she was scamming us as he had heard translated for her that she was serious about the other man for long term relations and she had told me the same thing...also both of us were conned into buying this girl the nearly same pair of expensive leather knee high boots within days of each other..the boots were requested of me to buy by her and her interpreter a co conspirator Ofella Ayazova who is registered with Hot Russian Brides as a dater who does not speak english...but is an interpreter for them through many of the local dating agencies...she interpreteed for both of us men with this girl...and she lied to both of us in concert with the girls stories....also the girl i was dating went by the name Anastasia...with a birthday of nov 4 1986 but was imbra'd with the other man through the same agency with a different name of OLYA...and a different birthdate..but was in fact the same girl. Not only did this girl lie to us both but she had me believing i was to meet her parents the weekend before i was to return to the usa...and the other man from new zealand had recently moved to simferopol to work so her apparent plan was to date me until i returned to the usa and then continue to date the other man when i was gone...then continue to be in contact with me until my planned return in march of 20ll when she and i had planned to take a flat together, live together and plan our wedding and future plans together...she had told me that she needed a computer as hers was broken and she could not communicate with me nor could she text me as she said it was too expensive to buy texting for her i offered to pay for the text service but she declined to me...but she did do it with the other man....but she told me if i bought her a computer she could and would write and message me daily with for a birthday gift i planned and did buy her a net book which cost about $500 usdollars with all of its attachments...she also got the other man to go shopping for a computer too but he did not buy her one...also on one date with me and her and the interpreter ofella ayazova...i was told that anastasias great dream was to drive a car and that she would need driving lessons to get her license to drive...Ofella explained that it was very expensive and would cost about $3000 grivna which is about 400 us dollars...i told them that i would think about it and most likely help her with that when i returned in the spring ....but then Anastasia exclaimed to me though her interpreter Ofella..that it would be much better if i would give her the money for this before i went back to the usa so that she could learn to drive while i was gone as her brother has a car that she could use and that then she and I could tour all of crimea with her driving when i returned in March...i told her i would think about it....all of this was before I was advised by my Ukrainian interpreter friend about this girls bad character...this happened on november 3rd...2010 the day before her birthday....and i was to meet with her the morning of her birthday to give her more presents and celebrate the day with on that morning i approached her in a coffee shop...she was dressed beautifully and was with another interpreter i had not met before...her first words to me were asking where her flowers were....i wasnt feeling real good about anything after being blindsided by this story of her lying, deceiving, cheating and obviously having scammed me all along for the past two months...not only dating me but this other guy..and i also found out later she was also dating at least one other man during this period..but i think he was russian or ukrainian local so must have been one of or her main boyfriend....when i talked with her atfirst i confirmed with her that she was in love with me, planned to marry me, that she would never lie or cheat on me and was not seeing any other she had told me all along....but she didnt know that the other man had given me a full description of every date they were on...where they went, what they did, and who the interpreters were...and i also had my friend...the ukrainian interpreter who was hiding around the corner..who was going to join me after my initial talk with she would know that she could no longer lie to me...then i asked her why when she had been telling me she was sick on the previous weekends and had cancelled our dates she was out with another man....she of course denied it...and then got angry with me and asked if i had seen her with another man....and i told her i didnt need to as the man had told me all about it....and then my friend walked around the corner and she was shocked..and could no longer deny it...but then after crying...she got angry and asked me how i could humiliate her on her birthday like this...well...she tried to tell me she would never see the other guy again nor anyother man..that she loved me and wanted to marry me...and that we were a couple, a pair and that she would prove it to me...she saw me the next morning for two hours and then i did not hear from her for another whole week...she refused to see me to her parents and she refused to see me before i left the country...then in letters she blamed me for everything and that she was confused about it all and had to think about us....right before christmas i got a letter telling me she was done with me...this girl devastated me...took my heart and sliced it opened and left me on the street to bleed...she is an actress, a liar, a gold digger, a scammer and when i would ask her why she used so many different names she said she could call herself vladimere putin if she wanted......she is a woman with so much beauty and could be a model and do good with her life..but she is nothing but scum...she and all of the people in the agency and the interpreters were all apart of this...they all knew the different names she was using and that she was telling me she was going to marry me and then used a different name with the other guy...this is proof to me that all of these agencies are she was listed with most all of them...even some of those with scammer lists....

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