First name: Haykanush
Age: 30
Location: Gyumri / Armenie
Email: / /
Report: = Haykanush (Mkhoyan?) = Inna Loseva...??? She declares working as seller in a food shop... She declares also to have taken holidays in Egypt, Turkey, and Germany... She wrote to me seven letters on my YAHOO mailbox while I am not logged on a meeting site???, and stopped 8 days ago without explanations... She fall rapidly in love while I said her I was to old for her, she didn't answer my questions and said that we could spend our holiday's together!!! ...and send me 29 photos, some half naked. I think the photos I received are older than those on the browser icon, the similarity is very high: same face, nose, mouth, kin, eyes, identical hair, expressionless glance... I can furnish photo's to persons who are concerned with the case of Inna...
Status of report: is still without proof