Scam report about Kweni Chung

First name:  Kweni
Last name:  Chung
Aka:  Huni Kwa
Age:  31
Location:  China Guangzhou
Phone:  008615914311197
On websites:  Found her on Connecting Singles
Report:  I met this contact online in May 2010. She and I were in contact till late February 2011. She first asked for money to be sent to her for her visa in September 2010 (500 Euros) Later she asked for money for flight expenses (1000 Euros) in November. Then she asked for (3000 Euros) to show proof of financial resources to obtain a tourist visa for France in February 2011. Then again asked for extra money for food expenses (250 Euros) in February 2011. Finally asked for more money to show financial resources to obtain clearance from Immigration Authorities in Guangzhou Airport, as she claimed she was denied permission to board the flight as she had to have a minimum of 5000 Euros to travel to Europe. I sent her an additional (1000 Euros) as she claimed that she was short by that amount. After sending her this last amount, she sent me an sms saying that she had been robbed of her bag along with her money passport and mobile and that she was in the hospital and waiting for her uncle. She said her uncle would contact me, which he never did. I have not heard from her ever since, inspite of repeated attempts at trying to contact her by mobile and emails. Please note, all the money sent to her was by Western Union, for which I have all the receipts. I also have several photos of her as well as her passport photo copy, which matches with her photos.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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