First name: Nataliya
Aka: ID: 1562781
Age: 31
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites:
Report:     The woman you see here is real, but she is a scammer and gold digger. I just ended a committed relationship with her where I was honest, open, caring, supportive and there for her 100%. My reward was a relationship based on lies and manipulations. In the photos you see here; the hair extensions, jewelry, black dress, purple dress, pants, top, boots, lipstick are all provided by me ..... You are welcome. The black dress she wore at this past New Years together with me as we toasted in 2011!! You can see how sentimental and heart broken she is about such things. The whole time we were together she sought other men and money scams through other obscured websites, the whole time representing herself as 100% faithful, loyal and dedicated to me. Google her yourself: Natali Or Nataliya Matskova, Cleo_blond or Cleoblond. Trust me, don't send her a dime .... Don't write her letters as she only seeks her
Status of report: is still without proof