Scam report about baraka aremiyao

First name:  baraka
Last name:  aremiyao
Age:  33
Location:  ghana, accra
Address:  90 nima street
Phone:  011233243266649
On websites:
Report:  i met her on it said she lived in the usa but no picture.she said ill send you picture on yahoo. she claimed to love me like the fifth email she didnt ask for money right away. so that through me off. im getting a divorce and needed some one and something different. so she told me great lovely worded stories about how she would be my everything. i started to believe her. she said buy me a cell phone so we can talk. becuase she said that she was coming to be with me in the usa. so i saidhow can you and i never heard your voice. so we talked only just to hear her voice and then we got back online. so she said that she could get a passport for her and her son for $460.00 so i sent that . all western unoin. all the while i swore it was real. she also said not to tell anyone. so then the plain ticket was 1000.00 son would fly free. so i sent it. all of a sudden she took ill 3 days before she would come. had a hole in her heart and couldnt fly on plain. i was so mad. she said that the surgery was 2000.00 and to send it. i tried to send it but western unoin declined it. so i told her no. then she had a man talk to me like a doctor. it was so real. she continued to talk to me though and say we would still be together. but my final draw was i asked her for natural pics of now time she had excuses. and one pic she had said tracy.she said tracy took it. then i came on her and saw someone else who try'd the same scam so i thought i should report baraka

Status of report:  is still without proof

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