Scam report about Melissa Cole Brian

First name:  Melissa Cole
Last name:  Brian
Age:  unknown
Location:  Malaysia (kuala Lumpur)
On websites:
Report:  Hi!here is another new scammer but this person doesn't know that she is a scammer, I met this person on match she told me that she was from Canberra (WODEN)Australia she told me that she was in Malaysia on business buying gems and precious stones from there, she told me she loved me and want to come back home to meet me then things went wrong she told me she had a lot of money in a bank in the states where she couldn't transfer it so she asked me to help she had a problem with customs on the day she was leaving she didn't have enough money to pay them which was 38,000aud so I sent her that money over then there was another problem she didn't pay for Insurance so they kepted her stuff she want me to pay for her insurance money which was 75,000aud that was the end of our talk and meeting also she said that she was going to pay back that money with interest no go

Status of report:  is still without proof

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