Scam report about Yuliya Satova

First name:  Yuliya
Last name:  Satova
Age:  28 very soon to be 29
Location:  St. Petrsburg, Russia
On websites:
Report:  A person representing themselves as a Yuliya Satova from St Petersburg Russia sent many pictures to me identical to others that had been posted by another gentleman in early March 2011. He reported a Simona Mulkova - Letters were very similar and body dimensions given identical as well as age and birthday AGoogle image search of that name also showed a photo of the person representing themselves as Yuliya Satova Yuliya was emailing using the address There is a which is very popular with scam artists due to its free nature. gmail is the same Both were using a Russian photo website to share pictures New pictures were added on that site the last weeks in February and first week in March 2011 so that source of photos seemed to be new and under development There was another name on the photo site that may be the user name or the beginning of another email address it was misspretty0808. The photohost link was in Russian so I could not report things there First letter Subject: Re: Thanks From:

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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