Scam report about Ksenia Kisulya

First name:  Ksenia
Last name:  Kisulya
Age:  28
Location:  Poland & Moscow, Russia
Email:  kkisulya@
Report:  Here is the most recent letter: I'm in Moscow now. Flight was well, and the plane has not fallen .lol Yes black humour. The grandma has met me at airport. ohhhhhhhhh.....we cried, when have met. Then we have gone to the grandma's home. She has made an excellent dinner. I'm sure, that you never ate such dinner. The grandma has told, that will give me the recipes. She is excellent cook. Yes, I have told grandma about you. But she has not understood how we have got acquainted, she doesn't know the Internet. We long chattered..... I have asked at grandma about phone. She has told, that she does not have phone. She has told that uses street phone to call. Then I have told that the Internet is necessary for me to write you the letter. We have gone on street. In the street I have asked passers-by where it is possible to find the Internet. You know, in Moscow there are special places where it's possible to leave for the Internet. It refers to the Internet-cafe. And now I in the Internet-cafe. The grandma is near to me. The grandma does not know English. Therefore we can chatter about all.......Yes the grandma sends the regards to you. Lovely I thought of us much. You have made me happy!!! You are an angel!!! You have gone down from the sky, and have changed my life!!! And now we should overcome distance to be together!!! Ohhhhhhhhh...lovely......I want to you....I want to be with you!!! I want to love, lovely!!! You know, that I didn't have man very long time!!! I want you!!!! I want to make love with....... I want to take together souls...... I want to feel your sweet kiss....Mmmmmmmmm..... lovely....... I want you!!! I'm tired to be one!!!! I think our meeting is very important. Now I'm go in travel agency!!! I miss you very much!!! BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Kisssssssssssssssssss Your Ksenia. You are my angel!!!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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