Scam report about Ruby Nana Addy

First name:  Ruby
Last name:  Nana Addy
Age:  31-32
Location:  Ghana
Phone:  00233549710321
On websites:
Report:  She contacted me trough a swedish dejtingsite around the 22:nd march... we moved oru conversation immidetly to a messngercontact.. then she wanted to exchange id and password with me so she we could delete each oterhs profiles on the dejtingsite.. to show that we care and are serios with each other.. than she told me her birhday was the 27:th mars... then she wanted me to be there and celibrati it with her, but ofcourse i couldn't.. she understood that but wonder what i would give to her in present that she could show her friends and family how much I cared about her.. I did not want it after so short while.. and then she dumped me couse I was not serisos when I didn't trust her.. I knew from the very first beginning that she was a fake.. I just played along to see how she was working.. she sent me 3 photos to that I could attach to your site if you like.. /Anders

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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