First name: Janet
Last name: Mirekua
Age: 34
Location: Accra, Ghana Africia
Address: P.O.Box kt286 Kotobabi, Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone: +233271315027 +233541536035 +233268542335
Report:     This woman contacted me thru MySpace. We exchanged about 200 emails over five months. With about fifty pictures. She asked for $350 for her visa to come to me in the US. Later she ask me to recieve a Laptop computer from QVC, and ship it to her in Accra. I declined but it was sent to me anyway. The computer was bought with a stolen credit card and was returned. I sent her $550 and a package containing some gifts. She got the package, since she told me what was in the package. I broke the conection with her to end the relationship. She continued to try to talk to me for a while until I refused to continue the scam, where she stopped talking to me. She would ask for $50 for this, and $75 for that, Etc.. She is cool and very astute, and very good at this endevor. She even had someone email me posing as her uncle and mother. I got caught up in this at first beliving her. She sent me twenty five pictures including her mother and cousins and her Visa. I have all her mail, and chats Etc.
Status of report: is still without proof