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First name:  
Aka:  Kling400
Age:  18-20
Location:  Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
On websites:  Christian Cafe
Report:  This young woman contacted me on 15/3/2011. This was on Instant Messenger. People on that can write messages and get an instant reply. It is open to abuse by scammers who chat men up and then try to get them off this site to a private e-mail site. I didn't answer this and she sent me a message to say she couldn't contact me but Hi. I was suspicous because I'm 52 and she was between 18-20. A few days later I saw she was still in Christian Cafe. So I decided to write to her because she would have seen my age in anycase and Asian women do date older men. I did feel that she was too young though. Although she was prepared to write to me live, she never answered my letters to her in her mailbox. She hasn't been thrown off Christian Cafe but sometimes scammers will stay until caught. She is on often and appears to have a good profile but writing to a man many years her senior to start with is suspicious. So I'm writing this report to Stop-Scammers just incase she isn't on the level. She is after all from a known scamming area according to this site.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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