Scam report about Mary Williams

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Williams
Aka:  loveweneed432
Age:  31-35
Location:  Ackworth Iowa USA
On websites:  Christian Cafe
Report:  I received an Instant Message from a woman called loveweneed432. She said she was from African desent with 1 child. I played around abit with her for awhile. She wanted me on yahoo messenger but I said I was tired and would see her the next day. She has since been thrown off Christian Cafe. Again no picture. I was looking through scammers that might have put love@ in there e-mail. I came across Mary Williams. Good looking showing abit of boob. Certainly some men would be trapped. Her e-mail address Notice the words need and love in her e-mail address. The woman that wrote to me used as her name love and need as part of her name. Although she made out she was African desent and good looking Mary Williams is good looking and an African Scammer with as I've wrote need and love in her e-mail address. Again my scammers name loveweneed432. Although Mary in here is listed as 28 and my one listed in the range of 31-35 scammers are such liers that they can write anything. To me being an older man make out their older, to a younger man make out they are really young still. Mary could pass for either 28 or 31. Maybe she's older now because its been sometime since she was placed in here.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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