Scam report about Luda 

First name:  Luda
Age:  29
Location:  Slavyanoserbsk, Ukraine
Address:  City: Slavyanoserbsk, Street: Gagarina 36 \ 7, Postal code: 93700.
Phone:  00380996207251
On websites:  Cherry
Report:  This woman has succeeded in fraud on the amount of $ 4800. A. Yes and yes succeeded in fraud. Used the most beautiful images stolen from the net. And you sent me. Wrote to me the most beautiful words of love, sex, and promise to marry. She asked me money to buy the travel vouchers. Yes succeeded and sent her money. then cut off the connection. impostor was the biggest in the world. But I discovered this too late. One may now ask me what can you doing . And hear me tell you this rogue ....... I swear all my life and until the last day in my life. And I'm ready to lose my life and ready to die in order that the police arrested the rogue. Will not rest my mind and will not rest until I see it in the hands of the police. I search and collect information about them. And have got some information. But this information is not complete ... as I said a lawyer who was entrusted with in this case. I trust anyone in this world knows any information on this rogue that sends me on addresses . and I am ready to pay any amount of money to those who send me information on these rogue. video or pictures or her true age or address or any information about it. The information that I have this rogue: use these names: Ludmila Chernyavskaya Ludmila Andreevna Zalyznyak and the numbers of identities that used to get money from the bank are: 9521017235 and 4896432 and 489432 Identities of the three numbers issued by Ukraine from the date of 04/26/2010 to 06/01/2010 in the same person's name to Ludmila Chernyavskaya Address used by: Country: Ukraine, City: Slavyanoserbsk, Street: Gagarina 36 \ 7, Postal code: 93700. her working address is: Lugansk region, city Slavyanoserbsk, street Gorkogo 144, 'Woman's Centre'..... phone of her work 00380996207251 another phone no. 00380959309380 00380953257455 Remittances sent by them through Western Union: Her email address Ludmila Chernyavskaya: 327 USD 26.04.2010 MTCN: 125-740-4367 02:49:00 AM Ludmila Chernyavskaya: 742 USD 16.05.2010 MTCN: 612-134-6171 12:41:00 AM Ludmila Chernyavskaya: 537 USD 24.05.2010 MTCN: 365-170-8219 07:59:00 AM Ludmila Chernyavskaya: 762 USD 01.06.2010 MTCN: 155-647-0999 06:37:00 AM Appear in the name of another Name: Ludmila Zalyznyak, Country: Ukraine, City: Slavyanoserbsk, Street: Lenina 54 \, Postal code: 93700 phone no: 00380500527007 Operates on site (s): Cherry Blossoms, Date Me Free, Foreign Brides, Inter Brides, Inter Duet, Live Date Search, Love Happens, My Space, Ulust : Appeared on Cherry in this profile Luda [29] from Slavyanoserbsk, Ukraine personal ad Ukrainian woman profile: Appeared previously on Date me free in this profile. Lindasmith42, 28 London, United Kingdom Seeking: Men, 30-60 Email me Wink me Sariana, 29 London, United Kingdom Seeking: Men, 20-86 Email me Wink me SMS This is a message from the messages sent to me: Hi my love xxx!!!! My life I have such feeling that you don't hear me, I appreciate your attention and I don't need all your money between my breast, i don't need other things, I just need your help now but not then, I have nobody to help me and you are my only hope and I am tired to be like a bagger, so this is my last ask you for your help and if you don't want to help me no, so let it be.I will be working at night to earn money, it is very hard physically but I have no other variant, I am alone and and I have just you in my life.Honey what will be your reaction if you ask me for love and I told you ok my love everything you want but not now, may be in a few month, and sex is nothing when you want to be closer with you love, and how we could build relations if your woman ask your support and you tell her I will help you buy then in the airport? do you want I support you in the same way? i don't ask you money for myself I just want to be closer to you and if you don't need it so we will stop all this.Take care my love and sorry to disturb you.Kiss you. Your Ludmila!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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