Scam report about joely smith

First name:  joely
Last name:  smith
Age:  29
Location:  south africa
Phone:  +27710173751
Report:  Pamela Becca: listen to urself marco Pamela Becca: what kind of a question is that Pamela Becca: how do i get to venice without a passport Pamela Becca: is it possible ? katoz: and to fly to USA it is? Pamela Becca: or will i just walk into the SA immigration office , get my passport and walk out ? katoz: anyway so u re like a prisoner in SA katoz: u can't go back to USA Pamela Becca: no am not a prisoner in SA Pamela Becca: and will never be a prisoner Pamela Becca: i will get my passport from the SA img and fly back home katoz: why can't u come here so? Pamela Becca: why would i not be able to fly back to the states ? katoz: cause u do not have passoprt katoz: and if u can pay for it come here Pamela Becca: i will get my passport once i get a refund from my travel agent katoz: u reserved a hotel in Venice for 1300 ? Pamela Becca: all i need to get my passport is 620 katoz: no need hotel katoz: u can pay and fly here Pamela Becca: u told me to cancell my hotel which i already did katoz: Pamela Becca: and my hotel wasn't paid for katoz: if u cancel the reservation Pamela Becca: i was gonna pay on arival katoz: do not apply bill till 2 day before booking katoz: anyway katoz: I was liking u katoz: we ll never meet katoz: good luck Pamela Becca: its ok marco even if u dont like me anymore cus i asked u for assitance Pamela Becca: won't blame u katoz: got u re as the others katoz: a scummer Pamela Becca: shame on u to call me a scammer Pamela Becca: i do not wanna use vulgar words so dont insult me katoz: person that asks money over the net it is that sorry Pamela Becca: cus ur taking my kindness for stupidity right now katoz: bie bie Pamela Becca: is it a crime to ask a friend for help Pamela Becca: or u are just a stingy person thats why u never met a girl who will love u for u Pamela Becca: bye

Status of report:  is still without proof

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