Scam report about Julia Korsun

First name:  Julia
Last name:  Korsun
Aka:  Yulia Korsun
Age:  24
Location:  Berdyansk
Address:  Ukraine, Zaporozhskaya obl., pgt. Kuybishevo, ul. Polevaya 37
Phone:  +38 06147 22767
Report:  Now when I know that this lady is not real with me and just blowing smoke I’m very disappointed in online dating it made me very upset! I sent Julia Korsun $2500 for tickets and making passport and visa to US. When she wrote that she missed her flight I understood that she was scamming me. I had other ladies that were interested in me also when I found out that she is not serious but to decide from here was not easy! When I asked her to send me SMS she stated that it costs her 5 dollars to send me a message. I got some Russian lady calling her from US and she got very upset with this lady calling her! I have been to the Ukraine two times looking for a wife! and enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!! Are there any ladies that are really looking for a husband and not a millionaire? Are all of them just friends just to keep taking my money? I’m 100% sure about Julia Korsun, as this person has a face book and also a badoo page and an email I found. You simply do not have 40+ friends a face book with your pictures and not use it so it. It’s a lie that it not hers!!! I am sure of it! if this lady is only to take my moneys I do think everyone should keep away from her. Here you are some more evidence lady is a scammer she must go by yuliya korsun at facebook she all so can be found at badoo as yuliya id number 0159992911, her e-mail is: it is so true that she cheats men I’m not the first nor the last. What tiped me off was the simple fact she will just not communicate with me after I sent her 3000 dollars I still can’t get her to reply my email or her to answer my phone calls text messages. I wanted to give her second chance, so I went to visit her Berdyansk to find my wife she was to meet me at the airport to greet me after such a long trip. She did not show up! but other lady from her agency was there to help me to find way to my apartment there I sat for say 4 to 5 day then I finally got to meet her. as you can imagine by this time my mood was far from trusting. so as things go then I went out with her some more times she asked me to help her with some things so she could learn english better and some shirts for her as she was poor... ok now as things go I find her profile still on web same agency (I met the owner by the way) this time she has a new last name!!!! funny I still know her she has not changed she still has old name and brown eyes nop they did not just turn blue as she wished there still brown just as they where the last time I seen them! so this lady is real live scammer !!! she works very hard so some one gets all my moneys she worked very hard to talk me in to making trip to Berdyansk to see just her!!! wow so romantic!!!! ( scam scam scam) now the question is what to do about this??? she is a true scammer I am getting sick of all this crazy stuff. I just want a wife cant it be simple? Sorry I know the answer is no! I refuse to spend any more money to support scammers. It is very strange that all the ladies of Berdyansk are extremely interested in me and just want to write and write as long as I am funding well, now I not know if I am just setting my self up for more scamming by the same people! I want answers with out me coming to Berdyansk! It’s not mater about the lady she was scaming me! I really want to just know how to handle it!!!! I am sure just quitting my search is not the answer there is much more I am starting to feel the same way about the whole russian lady deal... it has become a much more than a fraud but a way to just fund many low life people to just scam and scam money from people! I understand confusion, lack of translation, I have been too the ukraine two time as well as know many other men searching for a lady. seem they have all the same luck with most russian dating sites!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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