Scam report about ruth antwiwaa

First name:  ruth
Last name:  antwiwaa
Age:  around 30
Report:  an obvious scammer who falls in love and wants 200 usd to renew her expired passport. googled her name and email and came up with many diffrent aliases and email addresses. all the correspondence she sends is the same word for word as noted on other websites. i got the poor little scammer angry when i offered to have her go to embassy to renew her travel visa. then all the story changed when i told her passports dont cost that much and she is being swindled. she kept insisting that i send her the money thru western union to some address in ghana. she is not very bright but uses sex as a last resort to free your money from your wallet. after i had enough bull from her i told her was filing a report with the us embassy the fbi and the department of homeland security in case she does live in this country. or wants to come over. the ip address lists in sunnyvale california she claims she is from new jersy but i contacted her on some site as being from illionis. she disappeared from contacting me after i told her i was going to law enforcement. which i am.she has 2 spellings to her last name the other ending in h. i suspect there are a few other people writting her letters also but they all follow a certain script.she also claims she is in ghana working at an orhanage after tradgedy killed her parents and she has no money to leave the country. sound familiar?

Status of report:  is still without proof

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