Scam report about janet johnson

First name:  janet
Last name:  johnson
Aka:  janefoxxy@yahoo,com
Age:  34
Location:  indiana
Email: also
On websites:  yahoo face book
Report:  she will call you and tell you a story about how she is in some kind of fix and ask for money. she doesnt work alone she has at least on man that works with her. so if she is in the hospital he is her doctor. or if she is in jail he is the police. she is good and will tell you anything you want to hear. she will also send nude pic of supposedly her but you cant see the whole face so it hard to tell if its really her. if she contacts you in any form deleat her asap she will try anything to try anything to get money. be smarter then i was. i am on disability but it made no difference to her. she has no heart and is cold as ice. no soul or has sold it to the devil. i lost money and still she was asking for more . she has to be stopped and i want to help you do that

Status of report:  is still without proof

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