Scam report about Anna 

First name:  Anna
Age:  26
Location:  Ijevsk, Russia
On websites:  Dating site Blossom ?
Report:  This scammer sent me the same letter twice. They must think I would'nt be smart enough to realize it the same silly con game again. I knew she was a scammer because I have no profile at the website Blossoms. I never heard of this dating website! Besides she claims to have a personal e-mail address but she sends this e-mail from another e-mail address. I also find it interesting that she claims to be a pediatrician (doctor for children). I find that unusual at the age of 26. Hell, this girl if it actually was her in the photo and writing to me is old enough to be my daughter. I'm not in a middle age crisis here. I admit she's a real hottie but, too young for me. The real tip off was the e-mail address she sent to is not posted at ANY dating website. I use another so my personal business e-mail address isn't cluttered with crap e-mail. Whats up Stop scammers?

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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