Scam report about Laura Alber

First name:  Laura Alber Last name:  Alber
Aka:  Lora Brech
Age:  32
Location:  USA, Losangeles
Phone:  530-327-2807
On websites:
Report:  1) Hello I took my time to write everything you need to know about me after reading these long note you sent and everything thing about your life since you were young, You were complaining about phone number earlier but I was so tired and slept off. I just woke up to respond to your email but you are currently idle on yahoo messenger. You knew I am new in the US as I told you and I do not know anything about phone numbers or codes you are talking about. I applied for a number and that is what I was given. If you intend to call me that is my number and I am living in LA. I realized you have the interest in knowing me, am searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, spirituality,pleasurable communication,dancing, meeting of the minds,opening a door for him, flowers,traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE!I am one who strongly believes in respect and that without respect,you cant experience true love and generate a healthy when it is first a friendship and then a larger,Later as it evolves into a Beautiful Loving committed relationship.I believe its not just what you are like on the outside,but more about what you are like on the inside.I am seeking friendship first,(no games playing please) with someone who appreciates some of the same temperaments and interests I enjoy. That special someone is a man with integrity,is spiritually compatible with me,having similar beliefs-New Age and is responsible, intelligent, has a sense of humor, positive,is clean and neat in habit and appearance,romantic,passionate about living and loving.I would prefer that someone to show interest. He should be financially secure,I like an adventurous person who likes travel but not compulsory, nature and enjoys being home. He is a man who is at peace with himself.I am hoping to connect with people of like minds to form friendship first and then leave the rest to the Universe. My friends say that I am dependable, honest, sexy, quick, and smart. I often think that I am honest almost to a flaw. When I am not working I am interested in having a very low stress life style. My late parents brought me up in Paris France and I enjoy packing up my dog and going down there but not anymore after they passed away. I enjoy being able to laugh with the person I am with. I also want someone who is comfortable with public displays of affection. I like to have someone hold my hand when we are out and playfully flirt and show affection in public. I no longer have the desire to be part of a high-stress relationship, so if you are into drama I am not the girl for you. I want a relationship and its gonna be forever until we both grow old. I vowed not to engage myself in any relationship again cos of the heartbreak and bad experience I have had in the past but I believe life must go on..Am living my life like in bondage without having someone who is close to my heart and shows me true love and great understanding between us. I have never try this online dating before but am trying it out to see if I might have luck and meet a man of my own who is also looking for a young beautiful lady like me for a real love that last forever. I want you to be open minded with me and share everything about you with me....A true loving, caring and understanding man to share life with and have a better future. . Talk to you later..Laura 2)Re: BS From: Laura Alber [Chat now] To: Jon Dixon IDIoOT go to Hell. (Chats)lorabrech appears to be offline He or she will receive your messages after signing in. Online lorabrech has signed back in. Laura Alberyou decode my puzzle.. Laura Albercool. Jonathan DixonHow you doing tonight? Jonathan DixonOr morning? Laura Alberam doing good tonight Laura Alberwhere are you from? Jonathan DixonTucson, AZ Jonathan DixonU? Laura AlberBUZZ!!! Jonathan DixonI am here Laura AlberLos Angeles CA Laura Alberbut am originally from Paris France Jonathan DixonCool Jonathan DixonSo you live in Los Angeles, or around? Jonathan DixonBorn in Riverside Laura AlberYes I relocated to Los Angeles not so long ago from Paris Laura AlberI was born and raised in Paris Jonathan DixonWhat brought you out here? Jonathan DixonYou seem to be a beautiful woman. Laura AlberI lost my both parents so I decided to relocate and start a fresh somewhere better Laura AlberThank you Jonathan DixonI am sorry for that, I know what that feels like. I am the last of 5. Jonathan DixonWidower, married to same gal for 25 years. Jonathan DixonYou sure I am not too old? Laura AlberHow old are you? Jonathan DixonA Young 51 Jonathan DixonI just don't feel that I am that old. Probably due to my life experiences. Laura AlberI have dated a lot of younger men but what I got it heartbreaks Laura AlberThis is just why am trying to meet someone older and mature and feel the different Laura AlberYour age mean nothing if we click Jonathan DixonJust wanted to be up front. Jonathan DixonProblem w/lot of younger guys, they don't know or want to treat a woman the way she should be treated. Laura AlberYes it is good to be straight forward and open Jonathan DixonI am an old fashioned romantic type. I still believe in giving roses just to brighten up a lady's day, and maybe boost her spirit. Jonathan DixonNo more, no less. Laura Alberhahahaha Laura AlberI like someone like that. Laura AlberBecause I love to be pampered Jonathan DixonWell, I don't mind pampering someone, just as long as it isn't expected. Jonathan DixonI like to surprise. Jonathan DixonIt states you are in Sales? Laura AlberI am managing in sales/marketing of college textbooks here in LA but I had my nursing carrier back in Paris Laura AlberI have not been working as a nurse in the US because I dont have the work permit or green card yet Jonathan DixonI understand. How much longer, before you have to go? Laura AlberI am still here Jonathan DixonOr when does your visa run out? Laura AlberI have been here for the past 3 years and i got 5 years visa so I will definitely get my green card before it expired. Laura AlberI am not going back to Paris anymore Laura AlberCan you view my cam? Jonathan DixonI have never really been out of the US, myself. Went to Alaska for 2 years, while in military. Jonathan Dixonyes, but brb Laura AlberOk Laura AlberI am here Laura AlberBuzz me lorabrech has accepted the invitation to view your webcam. lorabrech has accepted the invitation to view your webcam. lorabrech has started viewing your webcam. Jonathan DixonSorry my hair is a bit on the long side and out of control Laura AlberI have not really been to many countries too other than Paris, America and Africa Jonathan DixonYou are beautiful, but I compliment a lot. Laura AlberI love your glass Laura Alberand you dont really look so old in the cam Jonathan DixonThank you. No Lora, you in LA or Africa? Laura AlberI live in LA Laura AlberI was telling you countries I have been before. Laura AlberDo you have anybody living in africa? Jonathan DixonNo, I have been on the internet searching for someone real, and not a scammer, or a cam girl. Jonathan DixonAnd quite a few have been from Africa. Laura Alberso does it mean anybody from africa are scammers? Jonathan DixonNo Laura AlberScammers are people who are not real and you are unable to at least justify their identity Laura AlberLike fake people Laura Alberand you can ever see them on cam Laura AlberI am not a racist to I believe bad people are just everywhere. Jonathan DixonYes, I will totally agree with that statement. Laura AlberSo tell me what more you think I need to know about you. Jonathan DixonYou enjoy motorcycles? Laura Alberyeah I love it. Laura AlberIs that what you own? Jonathan DixonI actually have 2 of them. Jonathan Dixon2 Harley Davidson Bikes. Laura Alberi love it Laura Albermy late dad owns one Jonathan DixonI am retired/disabled, but only to the extent of my flexibility and pain of my problem. Laura AlberOh sorry about that. Jonathan DixonI do have a bad habit, that I hope to quit real soon. But the past couple of years have not been real kind. Laura Alberwhat is really your problem. Jonathan DixonAnkylosing Spondylitis. Jonathan DixonFusion of the spine. Laura AlberI mean your disability Laura Alberok Laura Alberwhat is your bad habit Jonathan DixonI hate this question: I smoke, but over the past two years I have lost my wife and my sister. Jonathan DixonSo that is my excuse, which really shouldn't hold water, but it helped me through my times. Laura AlberOh I think I understand Laura Alberit was a very bad experience Jonathan DixonI have quit prior, and I will quit again. Laura AlberThat will be good. Jonathan DixonAs I said I am retired, so I have no job, my income is from Military and US Government (Social Security Disability) Jonathan DixonI bought a house in September 2009, 4 bedroom, 2 bath. Laura AlberThat is ok for you. Jonathan DixonI have no hobbies, I took care of my wife for the last 15 years of her life. Jonathan DixonExcept for riding the motorcycle. Jonathan DixonI am not bald if you are wondering? Laura AlberDoes your wife felt sick before she died? Laura Alberahahaha Laura AlberI have been wondering why you use the cap Laura Alberor is not a cap Jonathan DixonShe suffered from Severe Migraines, and depression, so I had to take care of her. Laura AlberOh may her soul rest in perfect peace Laura Alberwhat are you drinking Jonathan DixonPepsi Laura AlberI love coke Jonathan DixonI drink alcoholic beverages very seldom. You have roomates? Jonathan DixonKnock Knock? Laura Alberyes I came from Paris to live with a friend called Maris. Laura AlberMaria Laura Albershe owns this apartment but right now am living alone. Laura AlberShe has already relocated to UK to be with her man Jonathan DixonSo is she going to sell the Apartment? Laura AlberI have been the one securing the apartment since she left Laura AlberI pay the bill now Jonathan DixonI understand, that is probably pretty expensive. Laura Alberyeah I am paying almost $650 monthly Jonathan DixonThen that isn't too bad. How is your neighborhood? Jonathan DixonAre you using dial up? Or DSL? Laura AlberIt is a dial UP Laura AlberOld school Jonathan DixonI understand Jonathan DixonHey you do what you can afford. Laura AlberYes you are right. Laura AlberThings has really not so good financially since I got to the US but am sure with time Laura AlberAnd once am able to process the settlement of my late dad i will be in money and live a good life Jonathan DixonGreat Jonathan DixonThat will be a large load off of you mentally and physically. Laura AlberYes Laura AlberYou are pretty correct. Jonathan DixonI have had to go through the process myself. Jonathan DixonBeautiful eyes Laura AlberThank you Laura Alberam flattered Jonathan DixonWell You look to be a fine looking lady. Laura AlberThank you. Laura AlberYou are not looking bad either. Jonathan DixonThanks, just little old around the edges. Laura Alberlol Laura AlberI love your blonde hair Jonathan DixonSo how old are you? Laura AlberI am 27 Jonathan DixonI will send you a couple pics, that were taken yesterday, if you would like? Laura AlberYes I will like. Laura AlberWhere were they taken Jonathan DixonI hope they will go through over your dial up, I was in Phoenix over the weekend, visiting my cousins. Laura Albercan you send to my email Jonathan Dixonyes Laura Laura Alberwhat is your email address Jonathan Laura Alberok Laura Alberwait for my pics and will be waiting for yours too Jonathan DixonMine are on their way Laura Alberalright Jonathan Dixonbrb Laura Albermine might take a little while before you get it Laura Albermy network is slow Jonathan Dixonmine too Laura Albergot your pics Laura Alberthey look great Laura Alberam attaching mine Jonathan DixonThank you. Jonathan DixonAre you an only child? If I might ask? Laura AlberYes I am the only daughter of my late parent Jonathan DixonYou seem to have a very nice looking apartment. Laura AlberThank you Laura AlberMaria set it up before she left Jonathan DixonYou are very beautiful. Laura AlberThank you Jonathan DixonI believe a woman should be complimented, and acknowleged that she looks nice, as long as it is done in a good way. Laura Alberoh yeah Jonathan DixonVery Beautiful. I sincerely doubt you have any problems with dates on weekends? Laura AlberI am always indoor Laura AlberI dont have friends here in the Us Jonathan DixonI can understand that feeling. My late wife and I moved here in 2005, I was already retired, and she was no longer working. But her parents are full time RV people, and her sister live here. So I only know about 2 other people here myself. Laura Alberoh i c... Laura Alberwe are friends officially now Laura AlberSo lets see what comes out of it. Jonathan DixonI have 2 Chinese Pugs. A male and a female, who have been my lifesavers. Jonathan DixonThey are what helps me keep my sanity. Now all of my late mothers relatives live in Phoenix, AZ, 2 hours north. Laura Alberok Laura Alberok Jonathan DixonSo the only reason you chose LA, was due to your friend? Laura AlberYes Laura AlberI do not know anybody or any other place to go in the US Jonathan DixonYou have pet or something running around. I see you looking around. Jonathan DixonSo do you drive? Laura AlberI have a cat. Jonathan DixonGreat. Laura AlberShe is disturbing me lol Jonathan DixonThey want their attention. Laura AlberYes Jonathan DixonSo Laura, what has you up at this time in the morning? Laura Alberits 4;54am here Laura AlberI have been up since 3am Laura AlberI was unable to sleep because I was busy with some paper work Laura AlberI need to work in the morning so I cannot sleep again Jonathan DixonI understand, You are going to have a long day! Laura Alberyes Jonathan DixonI bought a house right after my late wife died, it was supposed to be our 25th wedding anniversary gift. But I went ahead and bought it, so I wouldn't be in the house where she passed. So I live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house, 2089 sq feet. Laura Alberthere is something I will like you to do for me Jonathan Dixonok Laura Alberi want you to write a long email and tell me what you really expect in this new friendship and more little things i really need to know about you Jonathan Dixonok, and you do the same? Laura Alberi will Laura Alberi promise Jonathan DixonI will. I will work on it this am, and should have it in your inbox when you arive home from work. Laura AlberAlright Laura AlberThat is cool Laura AlberLet me have just little rest and get ready for work Jonathan DixonYes, very nice to meet such a Beautiful Lady as yourself. Laura Alberyeah Jonathan DixonSorry, just a habit of mine. I mean nothing suggestive, only being complementary. I hope you can get some good rest and relaxation prior to going to work. Laura Alberhere is my cell. 530 327 2807 Laura AlberAlright Laura AlberBye for now and take care of yourself Jonathan Dixon520-204-6365 Jonathan DixonYou text? Laura Alberi need to subscribe for text Laura Alberi dont have a text plan but i can text you from computer anytime am on yahoo Jonathan DixonOk, just checking, may I ask when you will be home? lorabrech has stopped viewing your webcam. Laura AlberI will be home by 5pm but i am always online even while at work ok. Laura AlberI have yahoo messenger on my phone Jonathan Dixonok Jonathan DixonTake care, and have a good day. Laura Albersame to you. Laura Alberbyeee Jonathan Dixonbyeee Laura Albersorry what city do you say you live Jonathan DixonTucson, Arizona, just a bit South and to the East of where you live now. Laura Alberbyeeee Laura Alberi will await your email... Jonathan DixonByeee Jonathan DixonMe tooooooo Laura Alberbyeeeee Jonathan Dixon5/9/11 5:13 AMGood bye Beautiful. Hello Beautiful. Offline Lora Brech has signed out. Online Lora Brech has signed back in. Jonathan DixonI am working on the email as we speak. Laura AlberAlright cool Laura AlberI might respond late Laura AlberAm getting ready for work Jonathan DixonNot to worry, I am not concerned. Jonathan DixonBut the question you asked, is a deep subject, which requires careful thought and correct wording. Jonathan DixonBUZZ!!! Jonathan DixonMessage on its way to you. Laura AlberAlright jonathan Jonathan DixonHave a good day. Laura AlberYou too Jonathan DixonHope I answered correctly. Laura AlberI will read when i am a bit free ok Jonathan DixonSure! Jonathan DixonNo Problem. Laura AlberAlright Jonathan DixonWhat time is lunch? Laura Alber12noon Jonathan Dixonu want to chat then? Jonathan DixonUp to You Laura AlberYes Jonathan DixonI be here then Laura AlberIts 11:15am right now Jonathan Dixonwe are on the same time right now Jonathan DixonWe don't change our clocks Laura AlberLol Laura AlberKk Jonathan Dixoni am here Jonathan DixonBUZZ!!! Laura AlberHow are you Laura AlberWhat have you been doinf Jonathan DixonI am good and You? Jonathan DixonWell It took me a bit to write that email. Jonathan DixonTrying to ensure I was proper. Laura AlberI will take my time to read it Laura AlberI noticed its a very long email Laura AlberI have not read it very well Jonathan DixonI just hope it might be something you would like to hear. Laura AlberSo i will take my time to read it when i get home Jonathan DixonYou said Long. Laura AlberOh yeah Laura AlberI believe so Jonathan DixonBut as you know you always remember stuff after you have sent one like that. Jonathan DixonBut, that is meant for later discussions. Jonathan DixonSo you sell Professional Books? Laura AlberYesa i understand Laura AlberAll sort of books Jonathan DixonYou told me what your rent is, that seems cheap, but I don't know what neighborhood you might be in. Laura AlberYes Laura AlberYou are right Jonathan DixonSo has it been a busy am? Laura Alberso busy Laura AlberYeah Jonathan Dixoncool, helps make the day go faster. Jonathan DixonSo do you drive? Or bus/tram? Laura AlberBus Jonathan DixonOk Laura AlberMy car is having problem Laura AlberSo i will get it fixed soon Jonathan DixonWhat is it doing? Jonathan Dixonor not doing? Laura AlberThe gear box is having problem Jonathan DixonWell with the price of gas, right now, it might be better to take the bus. Laura AlberYes Laura AlberYou are correct Jonathan DixonNow are using their computer? Jonathan DixonNow I hope I am not keeping you from eating. Laura AlberLol Laura AlberAm using my phone Laura AlberI have yahOo on it Jonathan DixonAlmost want to call you Jonathan DixonInstead of you trying to text everything off of your phone. Laura AlberLol Laura AlberGotta get back to work now Jonathan DixonOk, take care. Jonathan DixonByeeee Laura AlberTtyl ok Jonathan Dixonyes Jonathan Dixonafter 5 Jonathan DixonLuego Laura AlberYup Jonathan DixonHave a good rest of day, and be safe on way home. Offline Lora Brech has signed out. Online Lora Brech has signed back in. Jonathan DixonBUZZ!!! Jonathan DixonBUZZ!!! Jonathan DixonBUZZ!!! Laura AlberYeah baby Jonathan DixonWhat is going on? Jonathan DixonYou know I hate knowing anything about computers sometimes. Laura AlberWhy do you hate knowing anything about computeer Jonathan DixonYou learn how to look up things, and find little snippits, like where a phone number is from, and whether it is a land line or cell. Laura AlberI dont Jonathan DixonWell you can go online and put in a phone number, and you can find out all sorts of info. Laura AlberOk Jonathan DixonParadise Valley, outside of Chico. Laura AlberWhat happen with it Jonathan Dixonthat is where that phone number you gave me is from. Jonathan DixonNot Los Angeles, and it is a land line. Laura AlberWhat Jonathan Dixon530 is an area code close to Chico Jonathan DixonWell did you read that email? Laura AlberI dont work in a phone company Jonathan DixonNo, I am not saying that Laura AlberSo i dont know i one phone number is from anywhere Jonathan DixonDid you read that email? Jonathan Dixon5/9/11 7:51 PMWe will move on, ok? Jonathan DixonTalk to me Jonathan DixonOr delete me, and Ignore me Jonathan DixonBUZZ!!! Offline Lora Brech has signed out. Jonathan DixonLife is a B*** Can't find real No Where, What Laura AlberI was busy earlier Laura AlberWhat do you mean by cant find real anywhere Laura AlberYou are requesting to add me again Laura AlberDoes it mean you got me deleted before? Jonathan DixonYes, since I didn't think you were going to talk to me any more. Laura AlberWow Laura AlberWhuy do you think in such way? Jonathan DixonWell I had asked some questions, and got no responses. Jonathan Dixonand asked if we could move on, and I had asked if you had read my email. Laura AlberWhat questions Laura AlberAll those times i slept off Laura AlberWas tired after work Jonathan DixonLike can we just move past. Ok. Jonathan DixonI can understand you being tired. Jonathan Dixonand am sorry, I wanted to talk/needed to talk to you. Laura AlberNo problem you are welcome Jonathan DixonGoing and trying to give benefit of doubt. Laura AlberBenefit of doubt to who Laura AlberMe? Laura AlberWhat are you doubting about me Jonathan DixonThat the information I had found may not have been right. Laura AlberFrom where Laura AlberWhat information Laura AlberI dont understand Jonathan DixonI am guarded, I told you. About the phone number deal. Jonathan DixonSo I wanted to put that to bed, and see if we couldn't get past it. Laura AlberOh ok Laura AlberI do not have any problem or whatever about the phone stuff Laura AlberAm not working in a phone company Jonathan DixonAs I had said, I have been deceived so often. Laura AlberEverybody has been decieved Laura AlberEven me Laura AlberSo its not new Laura AlberWhat matter is prayer for someone to meet the right person Jonathan DixonYou mis-understood I was not saying you were working in phone company Jonathan DixonI understand Laura AlberOk Jonathan DixonI am trying to reach out, and get past this Jonathan DixonAnd see where this will lead. Laura AlberThat is the best thing Jonathan DixonI would love to see it lead to a desirable condition for both of us. Laura AlberSeing where it lead is ok Jonathan DixonI was in the middle of reading your email, when you came back on. Jonathan DixonJust a few minutest ago. Laura AlberFinish reading it Jonathan DixonOk Jonathan Dixonare you going to add me again, or not? Laura Alberi will later Laura AlberAm mad @ you for deleting me Jonathan DixonI apoligize. I am sorry. Laura AlberSo if we have just a litle mis-undertandng the next thing you will do is delete me or ignored me Laura AlberThat is not so good u know Jonathan DixonI know that doesn't go far enough. We were talking, and then you weren't responding, That is when I thought you were not going to talk anymore. Online lorabrech has signed back in. Jonathan DixonThank you. Laura AlberYou are welcome Jonathan DixonBeautiful email. Jonathan DixonI understand Laura AlberCool Laura AlberGlad you love it Laura AlberBrb Jonathan Dixonok Laura AlberAm back Jonathan Dixonok, nice pics Jonathan DixonYou, to me don't look your age. Laura AlberPeople said that Jonathan DixonYou have kept yourself well. Laura AlberThey said i have a baby face Jonathan DixonYes, I would have to gree. Jonathan Dixonagree Laura AlberI really need some rest Jonathan Dixonok Laura AlberI have to work in the morning Jonathan DixonThank you for coming on line. Laura AlberNo problem Jonathan DixonHave a good sleep. Laura AlberTake care of yourself Jonathan DixonI will, you too Laura AlberSweetdreams Jonathan DixonSweetdreams Jonathan Dixon5/10/11 1:42 AMImagining BUZZ!!! Laura AlberGetting ready for work Jonathan DixonWell just wanted to say hi! Have a good day. Laura AlberSame to you Laura AlberHave lovely day Jonathan DixonYou toooo Laura AlberCool Jonathan DixonYou be safe! Someone does care! Laura AlberKk Laura AlberByeee Jonathan Dixonbyee Laura Alber5/10/11 5:59 AMByeeeeee Jonathan DixonHug Offline Laurie Alber has signed out. Jonathan DixonI hope you are having a good day. Jonathan DixonHope You had a good lunch. Jonathan DixonOh, well. So what is going on? Laura AlberHow are Laura AlberYou Laura AlberAre you on? Jonathan DixonYes Laura AlberYou were offline Jonathan DixonWhat is happening. Laura AlberSo i dont know you are on Laura AlberNothing much Jonathan DixonYou don't answer my email? Laura AlberI have been having trouble with my email Laura AlberNetwork so suck Jonathan Dixonso I suppose your cam is not working either Laura AlberIt is not Jonathan DixonNo worries. I am sure there are plenty of fish in the sea. Jonathan DixonTake care, have a good life, and all the best to you. Jonathan DixonBye Laura AlberYou are an idiot Jonathan DixonNo, I would say something is not right in the land of the internet world. Jonathan DixonHave I called you any names? Laura AlberDont ever contact me again Jonathan DixonFine. Laura Alber is being ignored lorabrech is on your ignore list. If you wish to contact this person you should first unblock him.

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