Scam report about Rashida Mumuni Chambas

First name:  Rashida Mumuni
Last name:  Chambas
Aka:  Enchill Abrhmms
Age:  30
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  00233-273611115
On websites:  International Cupid, DateAid
Report:  Ok guys, as usual, the fact of the loss of the money is nothing compared to the fact, that my own stupidity hurts even more. Relax, open up a can of beer and listen to my story. This person, known under a huge list of aliases, introduced herself to me as Rashida Mumuni Chambas. Age 30. We met on the site International Cupid. I was looking especially for south american women, when she pinged me on chat messenger. On my question, where she was from, she answered, she was from Brazil. Without any transitional problems, she told me she was now living in Accra, Ghana. For some time, I didnt raise any suspicion, all went typical. The first time she asked for something was when I complained about the lousy internet connection to Ghana. She said it might be better if she had a new cell phone, which would be more private and way better than the old one, which was broken. So I bought a cell phone, which wasnt a big kind of a problem. From now on, weve been phoning more than been on the Yahoo Messenger. This was the first time I checked different scam sites, and I found her. Faced with the suspect being a scam she almost burst into tears, that someone being not as pretty as her would use her pictures for better feedback. Man...shes really good at what she does. Weve been knowing each other for two months now, and of course, the question appeared, that we should be meeting each other. I was the first that wanted to see her in person, but out of business reasons I couldnt manage it, so she sort of offered to be the one whos going to come to Germany. Against all odds, the visa turned out to be a piece of cake. I was still putting together visa requirements, she would come up with a ready-to-go-visa. (see attachment). Even though I should know better from some phone calls to the german embassy in Accra, I stayed overcredulous. She told me, that she got that visa from a specialized travel agency, and that it would cost 700 $. I didnt pay that, but I agreed on paying the flight ticket, what was 700 Euros. The travel agent insisted on being paid cash, so I transferred the money via western union. (Everybody knows, thats just peanuts of booking a ticket online and pay via credit card. In retrospect, I know better now...). She claimed to receive 2000 Euros to be able to support herself in case I wouldnt show up at the airport, but I sent a legal obligation and beat her down on 500 Euros. Two days before the presumed departure, she said she would be bringing over 75 kilos of gold. I complained hardly, but she were unperturbedly planning the following steps, so I couldnt get a word in edgeways.At the said day, she didnt call nor sent any other message. I was really set up. At the evening, she called me on cell phone, said, she coulnt talk long because she was arrested at the airport for smuggle problems. Thats the status quo now. Guys, she is really good. She swears on the grave of her died father, that she would be honest to you. Weve been phoning a lot (what cost me a fortune on the phone bill) and shes been doing that with great devotedness. She will say that she loves you that you melt away like anything. In a sphere like this suspicions doing hard... Its hard to face my own ignorance and stupidity, but it might save one of you guys a fortune.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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