Scam report about Sandra Karl

First name:  Sandra
Last name:  Karl
Age:  30
Location:  pretoria, south africa, riga, latvia, london, england
On websites:
Report:  I was contacted by a 30 yr old, white south african woman. Sandra Karl. Claiming she went to university of medicine in pretoria south africa. Was currently taking class in riga, latvia. She told me I was her perfect match. We exchanged personal emails. Once we started that correspondence her profile dissapeared off the dating site. She never told me why when I asked. Once her class was finished she said her mum said not to fly back to south africa for safety concerns. So she went on to london. From here she said she could not afford to survive and asked me for financial assistance. I have most of our email exchanges and photographs.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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