Scam report about anastasia kalimmulina

First name:  anastasia
Last name:  kalimmulina
Age:  26, dob:10 NOVEMBER 1984
Location:  ekaterinburg,443101,russian federation
Address:  petrova street,2-5
On websites:
Report:  came on my website,, claiming she found my information from a friend of hers, Irina, through dating site, and would like to correspond with me on april 20,2011.she has sent several e-mails, all saying she's hoping to get to know me better, and maybe eventually marriage, finally, something was wrong when she said that if you send anything in the mail, it might get stolen from the russian postal system, so emailing was still the better form of communication, although she uses the computer at her workplace, somekind of applicance store, anyway i received her full name today, and thought i would put it in the computer and see what pops up, scamming??????

Status of report:  is still without proof

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