Scam report about ludmila mushanova

First name:  ludmila
Last name:  mushanova
Age:  29
Location:  Ukraine starobelsk
Phone:  +380668734251
On websites:
Report:  She initiated the contact by sending me a virtual kiss on roughly three weeks of contact She refused to meet on skype and also refused my suggestion to visit her in Ukraine, claiming that I don't know where it is and that it is dangerous there. Then she requested money to make a passport (when I offered to give her the money when she comes, she claimed nobody in the village has that much money to lend her) she requested 500$ to make the passport. the transfer was through moneygram to her (as the details above specify) I requested that prior to sending the money she will meet on skype or send some form of identification. she refused to do so and accused me of not trusting her and hurting her. never heard from her again Daniel Kremer Israel

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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