First name: Sherie
Last name: Hilton
Aka: Natalie Sparks
Age: 32
Location: Agona Swedru, Ghana
Address: PO Box 348
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report:     Please, do not let this woman scam you of your money, like me. When I talked to her, she had a accent. She claimed she was British from Barnsley, England. However, when the name of small time Porn Star Natalie Sparks poped up with her name, I decided to gather info about her as well. They are the same person. On Youtube, watching her, as Natalie Sparks talk to another girl, Natalie spoke with an American accent. No sign of any British, nor African accent. On the phone conversations, she spoke, like an African, which was the realization, that she was a scammer. As painful as it is for me to lose money, and know it will never come back, I still have to move forward. I hope people like her get busted and brought to justice. I have seen Natalie Sparks on Facebook and seen some of her sites, like . I wonder is she is the victim too? Is she aware that she is being used in a dating scam as well? Her facebook profile says that she lives in Las Vegas, NV.
Status of report: is still without proof