Scam report about Irina Totkarova

First name:  Irina
Last name:  Totkarova
Aka:  Oksana Mayorova, Irina Prygunova
Age:  30
Location:  Bolgar, Tatarstan
Address:  Bolgar 422840, Mira street,the house 12. apartment45
Phone:  States no phone
On websites:  Not known
Report:  June 2011 I received an unsolicited email from someone calling themselves Irina Toktarova and asking me to reply to another email address. On writing to her I received a response and I continued to reply. After the second letter it became obvious the letters were pro-formas. She didn't answer any of my questions at all. On searching various sentences from her letters, I found this site. Her letters are identical to those submitted by Irina Prygunova (Letters 1-10) word for word except my name was changed. I only got as far as letter 10 before she stopped writing after I told her I wouldn't send money, but would bring it to her myself. Another girl using two of the same letters is Oksana (Natasha?) Mayorova on this site. On other sites, the same letters are attributed to Maria Vesova and Natasha Popova

Status of report:  is still without proof

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