Scam report about Anna Sidorova

First name:  Anna
Last name:  Sidorova
Age:  29
Location:  Russia city Habarovsk
Address:  Russia city Habarovsk Street Lenin House 33 Apartment 12
Phone:  79876621643
Report:  I have corresponded with this scammer many times. My last letter telling the scammer I would not send her money was her last to me. The days of my last letter I opened a new email account and emailed her I was replying just like when I replied to her first email that I received. She responed to that new email address at the same times she responed to the old address. And that happend the day after our last correspondence. Her new email tells a differnt storry about her life. I have that saved I you need it. Enclosed are our last 2 emails: Hello my darling, my sweet, my prince John!!!!!! How today your day? I hope all well with you there wash the darling? John after we have decided meet you I cannot to find rest and I constantly think of you and about our meeting with you. I do not understand, that with me happen, but I should admit to you, that my heart is drawn to you, as to a magnet. You a magnet for my heart and I cannot make anything with myself. John please forgive me, that I to name you a magnet. I know, that it is an inanimate object, but I now cannot simply find a word better to describe to you that I feel in myself. I miss on you every day, I think of you every second and I cannot be adjusted now at all for my work. I pretended, that I work, though my thoughts were about you and I simply flied in dreams of you and about ours to a meeting. I never before did not wish to meet someone so strongly and only I now dream to meet you. I think, that I already am completely enamoured in you and is ready to give you the heart. You accept my heart? I ask you only do not break it because it is full of love to you and very vulnerable. John I now to write to you about the feelings with such romantic words, whether that I do not know you will understand that I wish to tell to you. Therefore I probably to write to you is direct - I LOVE YOU my SWEET!!!!!! John know, I very much worried today about your answer. I very much was afraid of that you will leave me now that I to ask about the help in money from you. I to hate myself now for this request, but I really did not know to whom else to address for the help. Therefore I have decided to risk and have written you yesterday the letter with the request for the help in money. Today since the morning I all in excitements, but now when I have read your letter my heart has calmed down. I am very glad that you to understand my situation and wish the help me. I have concluded the contract with travel agency and they should book to my the ticket. John now a problem not in the ticket. Now the main thing to pay to travel agency for documents and as for their services 348 euro, I specially learnt how many it will be in the American dollars, it will make 505$. If during necessary time I not to pay, they will stop registration of my documents and I so I should pay it the penalty according to the contract which I have signed. So I ask you now the help to me only with money. John I understand, that you now do not have trust to me as we did not see you never. But nevertheless I ask you to believe in me. I promise to you, that I to return you all money from my wages. So I ask you to trust in me and the help with money for payment of documents for the visa, ok. My sweet John, you to ask me about our future. I understand what to fall in love through the Internet not easily, but I have fallen in love with you, and believe to me, I will be with you always. You are necessary, after all I have fallen in love with your private world, I have fallen in love with your photos, let even in live you will look on another, but I all the same very strongly to love you. And if all goes well and if you want that I I can move to you, and marry you, or it is possible to move to me to Russia, but at us in Russia it is very heavy to foreigners, therefore I think that on this variant does not approach. My dear, I will learn how you can communicate with it from travel agency. But now for me the main thing as soon as possible to pay for my visa and my documents. After all the earlier I to pay, the earlier I can be near to you. John, I am sorry for that that I have made this step, and did not discuss it with you, I have hurried, but the matter is that I very strongly want to you, I wish to embrace strong you and to kiss. I to love you all heart. My darling, concerning transfer to me of money. If fairly to admit, I do not know, how it would be better to translate your money to me for such short term. But my colleague now sits near to me and she says to me, that the best variant to translate your money to me it through system of immediate translations. She says, that it will occupy not a lot of time and the more so it simply and you will require only my name and the address to translate your money. I will give now my information and you can send me your money through the Western Union. My full name: Anna Sidorova My full home address: Russia city Habarovsk Street Lenin House 33 Apartment 12 John unfortunately through system of immediate translations, it is unique variant to receive your money because I have no bank account. At us in Russia not all people have bank accounts and only the rich presume to themselves it. I not the rich woman and I have no it. So to try to send your money through these systems, well. I hope it not difficultly for you and you can send me your help tomorrow and as do not forget to write me your full information of your transfer. Well, I to finish on it and I need to look forward to hearing only from you. I very much ask you to write to me soon. I miss on you and I love you very much. Sincerely yours Anna. Anna, Anna, Not just 5 kilometers from my job there is a Russian Delights Russian owned store. I stopped there after work and asked the owner for his help. He was hesitent. He told me to seach google for scams about sending pretty girls money so they can get visa to visit you. He told me not to send money to a person directly. He said marriage and dating services do backround checks and If I want to find someone to meet from Russia to do that. He gave me information on some. The owner could see I was very upset about learing this. And said do not send any money without proper references. That your travel agency can help you with this. Or you can join a dating, or russian mail order bride agency to help us bring you to the United States to meet with me. Anna, my heart is so sad to write you this letter. I have found reports of many scams of marriage about the name you have given me on Google. 100's of them. I have found scams documententing the address you gave me in your last letter. I can not send you money at this time. I will not waist your time anymore with a long letter to you. If you are indeed real. And do want to have a relationship with me you will forgive me. If you are real you can make the time to read my last letters I wrote you and fufill my requests. Anna you told me you have until July 10th to pay your travel agent without penalty. That is enough time for you to send me the 2 pictures I asked of you. And that Gives me enough time send your travel agent a wire transfer. Anna, If you are real but need help for me to send you money for fees, your travel agent does just that. Your agent gets paid to help you. Your travel agent is experienced in this matter and will have no problems contacting me at my place of employment Tomorrow. If your agent wants to make commission she will not hesitate to do this as it is her job. If your registration expires before your travel agent can help us. Inform your travel agent I will pay for all penalties, and pay for future registration fees. I will open a savings account for you in your name as well as my name at: Eaeeieia oe. 28, a. Oaaa?iane, Oaaa?ianeee e?ae - 8 (421) 279-40-39 This bank is near you. Anna if you are REAL, it is now up to you yourself to choose what happens next. Anna, If I cannot send the money in time to your travel agent directly, have her draw me papers and send me the bill for the penalty. I will pay the penalty and restart your registration all over and do it legally. We will open a savings account near your Appartment if you are real and Really live at Habarovsk Street Lenin House . Anna it confuses me why you send me a sexual picture with your last letter and not the pictures I asked you for? My relationship with you has not been to have sex with you! Send me the 2 pictures I asked you for in my last letter and one more new picture of you doing something silly so I know it was taken just for me. Take a 3rd. picture of yourself with on old bra and panties worn over the top of the clothes you are currently wearing. If you are REAL, You have time to do the things in this letter. Have your travel agent call me directly tomorrow at my moble first. If that does not work have your agent call me at my job. She has to call me during Wisconsin, Usa Central Mountain time. During one of my breaks at work. Your agent can try reaching me at these 3 times, my time. 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., or 3:00 pm. Your travel agent will have options for me to pay your fees with you permission. If she does not do this have her sign a letter of refusal to accept payment. Then she can not serve you penalty as you made adequate attemp to pay. My moblie 9208517004 Work 9208324006 ask to have John Crooks paged. Your agent will know how to dial USA dialing code. Although my heart is filled with such sorry It still aches to be with you, With all my love, John Sincerely John Crooks

Status of report:  is still without proof

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