Scam report about Jennifer Philips

First name:  Jennifer
Last name:  Philips
Aka:  Jessica michael
Age:  34
Location:  Manilla Phippines
Address:  183 Amorsolo st
Phone:  639495935142
On websites:
Report:  I wish to report the above scammer who i met on Match. Jen ran a fabric impoting business and sold it making a good profit and thoght it was high time she settled down in NZ where she was to set up a pre school business. After approx 2 months of chatting she sent me confidential docs to show she had bought Jem stones which were valued at 3 million usd. She was stopped at the airport enroute to NZ and her stones were kept by Manila airport untill she had paid taxes and insurance on these stones which cost 40,000 usd She paid for half of the amount and he girlfriend paid 5000usd and she had no money left and she was stuck there.I said i couldn't help her but then timejust stood still and one thing lead to another and so i borrowed 15000usd to bring her home. Wellit allended when she was in a car crash on her way to the airport. one day later a doctor rang to say what had happened and was asking another 6000usd to pay for her medical bills.I have been on this site many times to find her and it wasn't untill i had sent money i finally found her which was too late. She is list on this site as Jessica Michael.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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