Scam report about Tamara Zhiganova

First name:  Tamara
Last name:  Zhiganova
Aka:  Tara
Age:  29
Location:  Sverdlovsk, Ukraine
Address:  94800, Ukraine Sverdlovsk, Kosiora str.1\26
Phone:  38 066 96 57 517
On websites:
Report:  I first winked at her on website, she responded with email address. First request for $$ came about one month later for 'sewing machine' for her birthday. We 'planned' a vacation in July and she bought reservations with $$ I sent via Western Union. Also asked for $$ to pay for University fees in Russia to complete seamstress education. Finally received letter from translator who was hired to write the letters, translator explained what had happened and didn't want me to be looking for a non-existant woman at Donetsk airport for vacation. Total correspondence time was approximately 3 months. $$ was received by Tamara Zhiganova. Requested $760 for sewing machine and was sent. Sent $3K for 'reservations'. Also sent $3.6K for University fees. Total pictures received was about 30. Translator was very good at her job, nothing 'fishy' was noted.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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