Scam report about Cassie Chesser

First name:  Cassie
Last name:  Chesser
Age:  29
Location:  England / nigeria
Phone:  2347062413537
On websites:  Now unknown
Report:  She initiated contact on senior friend finder and we traded emails for approximately 6 months . There were times throughout when i was suspect but she explained them away . Asked for a loan to buy airline ticket and so on plus food ,said she was to receive money to payback . Receivers name was apparently her sister Stephanie Wale and supposedly passed it on to Cassie . Not known how much was sent or how many occasions . After what i know now to be a lot of lies said that she arrived in my country and i was not there to meet her so some found money to go to England and visit friends then head back home to Nigeria .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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