Scam report about Juliet Abel

First name:  Juliet
Last name:  Abel
Age:  24 & 26
Location:  'In' Senegal, Dakar/ 'from' Sudan.
Phone:  +221-76-513-2316 (Rev. Martin Johnson)
On websites:
Report:  This person contacted me via I had only had my Netlog account for two days, and I only opened it to get a message to a friend on that site. Once my friend had acknowledged my message I was going to close the account. I have no interest in social network sites, or for that matter making new friends in that way. 'She' sent 'her' 'private' email address in 'her' first letter to me. I informed Netlog immediately of my suspicions, and they have blocked her from writing to me. For the sheer entertainment value I wrote to her from an email address I use for this kind of thing, and intend to play with the person at the other end's head until they either send me some money or go mad from frustration. I have the IQ and warped mind that are perfectly suited to these games. I look at it as a kind of hobby, and it's always great fun: I'll match their sob story and raise them with ever more outlandish and bizarre twists and tangents. I might even send them a few billion Zimbabwean dollars for a laugh.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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