SCAM REPORT ABOUT  valeriya shipighuzowa

First name: valeriya
Last name: shipighuzowa
Aka: valeriya hasgoa
Age: 33,29 and more ages
Location: federation russia
Address: 21-35 lemonnonvs street or mail;to
Email:, usa1
On websites: orku,gmail yahoo,hotmail,passport net groups,all
Report:     valeriyashipighuzowa as been scamming for yearsd now she as combined emails with a man from the uk,,she is nothink but trouble i should no im related to her,she asks for marriage and ithink this person wants to he is already in a relationship with someone else she dont no thou whats going on behind her back she as too be stopped before she vhanges her name again she as over thousands of pounds scamming she also goes bye the name of hasgoakat
Status of report: is still without proof