Scam report about tina Addo

First name:  tina
Last name:  Addo
Aka:  shela rae linda agyemang,jennifer wallace princessblueyez mary cook,ophelia dee sabina asambo, diana addo, somirata, osmanalima zara malik, veronicaBridgette,veronica gavor.ronda naavida komi,and many more
Age:  31-32
Location:  Ghana (Achimoto,Accra)
Address:  123 kwashieman road
Phone:  233540693411
On websites:
Report:  Tina Addo she is to good to be true moves fast for relationship,money.She is studying nursing,Tried to say she was in emergency with heat disease and needed money fo have opp,(NO GO),24 hours later shes just fine and says her mother got a loan.Now she wants money to get her passport renewed(Thats not going to happen)I`m just keeping the carrot in front to see when the donkey works it out.The girl? is very well versed in courting you makeing out she gets very jellous and that your her saviour. Ask her normal questions and the well versd courting turns into a dumb ass,When she? thinks your questioning her she? will try to reassure with dirty talk she?is good at it.You can`t hide a third world education.......Amuse your self and make out your doing it harder than her like me

Status of report:  is still without proof

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