Scam report about Walden Sinsabaugh

First name:  Walden
Last name:  Sinsabaugh
Aka:  Yana S i c h k a r
Age:  24
Location:  Sherbakul-city, russia
Address:  646700
Email:  Yana []
On websites:  facebook
Report:  she introduced herself to me on facebook as walden sinsabaugh, got me to email her through difference website. She sent me photo's and wrote long letters often ignoring my questions and my chat was 100% just general chat but she was coming on strong and was persistent. She told me her real name was yana sichkar. She was talking about coming to my City to work on a working visa and didn't know anyone and how men in russia are bears etc etc. She would be very convincing to thoses not on their toes lol. She told me she would land in my city on 17 of 4 days could you afford to buy a flight here with little to no notice but you cant afford another $940 US for the return trip??? Even the photo's didn't all look like the exact same girl, they were all different sizes if it had been taking from the same camera they all would have been the same size. what first set off alarm bells for me was the fact when i was in my early 20's i use to buy a lot of playboy magazine for 3 years all of them, i recognised the picture she sent to be one of the girls in the playboy magazine , i remembered the exact picture , then I saw another picture i recognised. at this point i knew the pictures were at least 12 years old but she said she was 24 now which didn't make any sense. Any ways i played along with the game and now she is saying send the money to Western Union or Money Gram, which just happened to be 2 banks that are untraceable lol sure why not >< , so i replied yes that i would help her and i asked for banking details, once i recieved the details. i didn't reply to her for 7 days she emailed every day sometimes 2 twice, after 7 days i replied to her that i was in fact the sister and that he died 6 days ago because i was speeding to the bank before it closed and a semi trailor truck wiped me out. he died on impact.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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