Scam report about Ann Smart

First name:  Ann
Last name:  Smart
Age:  35
Location:  Houston, Texas currently in Nigeria
Phone:  +2347036958056
On websites:
Report:  Contact was initiated by via Yahoo Messenger on 07/07/2011. I stopped corresponding with her on 07/15/2011 after I received an email with details for sending the money requested. She claimed she lived in Houston, Texas but that she was currently on a business trip in Nigeria. She said her mother was Canadian and her father was German. She said she lived in Germany until age 14, then lived in Canada until she moved to the United States 3 years ago. Her english was broken but her German was perfect. She was very convincing at first and I began to believe her story after we had a video chat. We chatted for several days until she said she was trying to come back to the states but Nigerian customs had seized the merchandise she was trying to bring back and they were demanding $2500 to realease it. She said she had given them $500 and asked me if I could send her the remaining $2000 so she could come home. When I told her I didn't have the money she became very upset with me. I quized her in great detail about the situation and tried to help her find another solution but she refused to consider them. At that point, suspecting a scam, I broke off communications with her and thought it was over. She contacted me a couple of days later and asked me for $500. I told her that I couldn't send her any money unless she sent me verifiable proof of her identity. I asked for her Houston address and phone number, the name of her bank and the account number, and a photocopy of her Texas driver's license. She was reluctant to do this so finally I told her that I would send the money if she sent me an email with a photocopy of her driver's license along with the details for sending the money. I received the email on 07/15/2011. The driver's license was so obviously fake that I laughed when I saw it. After that, I did not send the money and have blocked any further communications with her. I will send you the email that has the money transfer details, the fake driver's license and also the photos I received from her prior to that. I suspect that the photos are of a different woman than the one I had the video chat with. I don't have a recording of the video chat but I do have transcripts of our conversations. I also spoke with her by phone a couple of times and she did sound like she had a german accent. Several things about her made me suspicious. I searched her name and she had absolutely no web presence, she was very repetitive in what she said, she kept sending long statements of love that were obviously being cut and pasted, and she provided me with detailed emotional statements about her past but her statements about her current situation were vague and inconsistent. Call me crazy, but I wish I could help her out of whatever situation she's in because I believe that what she told me about her past was true and it's odd that a German/Canadian woman would be in Nigeria for this purpose. When I was chatting with her son, we had a detailed discussion about Canada and he answered specific questions about places that he would only know the answer to if he had actually lived there. I asked him how he liked being in Nigeria and without hesitation he typed

Status of report:  is still without proof

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