Scam report about Barbara Kochevska

First name:  Barbara
Last name:  Kochevska
Age:  34
Location:  USA, Charlotte. Poland, Warsaw
Phone:  + 1 (980) 216-4441
Report:  she started the correspondence and just told me she found my name from a singles website.I just received an email from her one day. Ive now been in contact with her for about 4 weeks, The only strange thing was that she never seemed to answer my questions. I have not sent any money or had a request for money as yet. I received an email from her today confirming that she had booked her flight from poland to the uk. I googled the tour operator that she claimed to have purchased her ticket from and the first thing that came up was about these scams and her emails were 99% the same as the example that was first shown on your site. here is an example of one of her emails Hello Geraint, Hapiness and smile are on my face when i see e-mail from you. When i have free time i always check my e-mail box, because i wait e-mail from you. It is very interesting to have you in my life even if we are far from each other. Please dont worry if i couldnt answer you the same moment, or may be sometimes i answer not all questions, it is because now i have a lot of work now. I hope for your understanding. Here in USA it is hard to find good job, that is why i have to work hard , i dont want to lose good salary , moreover i love my job. So i will continuer to tell you about me. I love to paint and i pain with pencil. It is not professional but i paint from my childhood. I love to paint people and their faces. I was looking for my paintings and i found some just to show you! I paint not from models, usually i do it from photos but i also have some paintings of real people. I hope you wil tell me what you think about my paintings and please give me some comments on them. I want to know your opinion. I hope you are not shocked with my paintings. I made it several years ago. Some my paintings i made when i was studing in Univercity in Poland. I hope you will not juge me too stricktly, it is just my hobby . But i never draw myself, only other people. I have some questions will answer , i want to know more about you and hope you will give me detailed answers. Imagine! You are walking with your girlfriend and you decided to got o restaurant for dinner. So 1st question Who will make an order? 2nd question - who will pay for dinner? You will pay for your lady? Or your lady will pay for herself and you decided to pay on half? I wait your answers and it is very intersting to know more abotu you Geraint, i hope you will not find this questions stupid because as i see on practice these questions should be discussed. I dont have any vested interest, it is just curiousity and want to know how you behave in real life. Of course i will answer the same questions to you. I think it will be polite if lady will make an order first, i can pay for myself of course but if i will be with my boyfriend i let him pay for both of us. I am not greedy and i love to make presents and surprises. So now i will wait your answers. I will finish my e-mail and it is always pleasent to get e-mail from you and specially when you answer my questions and give comments i understand that you read my e-mails carefully too. I will repeat once again , sometimes i couldnt answer you at once, but i will answer you as soon as i have free time and please be patient ok? I will wait news from you Geraint By the way one more photo of me, on the back view- my country house. i am joking!!! It is The White house in Washington, may be you already recognise it. Here Barak Obama lives with his family. Kiss Kiss Barbara

Status of report:  is still without proof

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