SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Tatyana Yagodka

First name: Tatyana
Last name: Yagodka
Age: 28
Location: Saint Petersburg Russia
On websites: can't say,
Report:     And we have another contestant for my game, this one copies Elizaveta ver batim. She initiated contact. We e-mailed each other back and forth for just over a month. Money was asked for in the amount of $400 USD for visa plus more for food and etc. Money was to be sent moneygram or western union. How does the story end, the same as always for my girls, read on, my last letter to Tatyana, Game over, for now FROM: James Schl TO: Saturday, July 16, 2011 5:57 AM My Dearest Tatyana, It is with deep regret to inform you that the game is over. At least this chapter comes to a close for us. You see my darling, you are my hobby. My hobby is to hunt female scammers on the internet. You and women like yourself have been asked to participate, or you have foolishly requested to play in my game. In this game, we both take on the roles of predator and prey. And there can only be one outcome when you play against me. You lose, but dont worry, as we both are professionals at what we do, and as our plans become more sophisticated our paths will most certainly cross at some time again in the future. You see, you were only a fair adversary for a time. It appears that you fell from the same tree as Elizaveta, I can almost sense her, tell her that her Darling Jim says HI!! You only did what comes naturally to you. You screwed up, and I was there to reel you in like a fish. You have tipped your hand and given away your current whereabouts and other pertinent information about yourself. I have taken note of this, and this information will serve me well as I continue to play my game with others, however, your activities will be reported. How does it feel to play in my game? Cat got your tongue? Now I know you, but you can only think about me, you see, in my game there are no rules. Did you find now that I was only wasting your time?? You see my pet, that is kind of the purpose of my game, now I will report you, and your scam will be shared with others. But one thing I must add, you are one of the most beautiful scammers that I have ever had the pleasure of playing my game with. But remember, user accounts are virtually limitless, you cannot even be sure of my first name let alone if the pictures I sent you were really of me, of me when I have morphed the pictures, or that the pictures are of someone that neither of us know and is only a minor player in my game. An innocent bystander so to speak. But I liked the picture, he had a nice smile, very convincing. Anyone can open a user account on the dating dot com sites, all that is required is a credit card that can have any name attached to it when you purchase it at Wal-Mart. You will have much difficulty trying to figure out my next move. You will never know when we have met again until it is too late. Did you like the story I told you about myself? You fell for it. My dear, do you think one can truly be in love as much I said I was in such a short time?? I have many more stories, so be more careful in the future. Once you have started playing my game, you are a player for life. Now this account has been compromised and all further activity will come to a halt. I hang a picture of you on my wall as a trophy. I look forward to crossing paths with you in the future. And I want to thank you for participating in my game. Sincerely. Your Darling Jim p.s. You see my dear, love on the Internet is only a game to me. And as in all games there are winners and losers. And this time, you lose!!! And check out her website it's End of story, I don't think so, my game is an ongoing story, the fun never ends. You see boys and girls, hunting for female scammers on the Internet is not only my hobby, it's becoming a full time job. My website, devoted to players of my game and those seeking information, come visit us at and see the antics. I look forward to hearing from you and doing lots of business with you. Sincerely, James E. Schliemann a.k.a. (one of my identities).
Status of report: is still without proof