First name: Muriel
Last name: Fisher
Age: 30 she asserts
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:
Report:     Muriel contacted me on, but her profile quickly disappeared and she switched to a private email address. I do have photos that she sent where in all she was modestly dressed, but a bit too beautiful to seem true. She gave her height as 5 foot 8 inches and her weight as 180 -but it seemed like from her pictures she was not that heavy. She never asked for money -and in fact insisted that she was not ever money, but it was almost like she talked a propaganda of being hurt and the need for honesty ... but seemed to not be in good tune with our communication. She did have me phone her (don't still have the number) -but her voice sounded Nigerian whereas she claimed to be an American that went to live with her grandmother in Nigeria following a failed relationship in the U.S. Her address was in a NC town south of the Raleigh-Durham area, but she admitted she was in Lagos, Nigeria. I at first dropped communication with her after hearing the phony voice -but she later did do a cam session to try to convince me she was real and I did see a young girl on cam that matched the pictures. However she refused to smile and wave -which made me think the cam session was prerecorded. I still don't know what her game is so to speak as she did not solicit money (in fact insisted she was not after money) -and did talk about coming for a visit but that she would not spend money for such a visit if she felt she was being used. There is another young girl who fits a very similar pattern that I have not yet filed a report on (same age, same propaganda, profile on quickly disappeared, incredibly beautiful according to pictures and cam session -but she did smile and wave, not after money, but with a tie to Oslo, Norway). I am 58 by the way -and am suspicious when 30 year old women go after me.
Status of report: is still without proof