Scam report about Barbara Kochevska

First name:  Barbara
Last name:  Kochevska
Aka:  Julia Morinska
Age:  34
Location:  Poland Warsaw
Report:  Hello my dear Alan I have to write you urgent e-mail. I have stress now. I will explain you now all my news. Please read carefully. I try to calm down, but when all this situation appear to my mind. Yesterday my day begin very nice. I had shopping i visited some shops to buy small polish souvenires for you. Then i went to cafe to have lounch i wanted to eat something hot. With lunch i decided to drink glass of white wine. So i finished my lounch and decided to put my car to its place near hotel and spend all day in hotel, looking my photos and dreaming about my future travel to you. When i drive from cafe it was raining a little bit. I drive to my hotel and near hotel i stop on the road cross because of traffic light. And i feel that something push my car. It was another car! It run into back of my car! The driver, man , he exceed the speed limit and on wet road he lost control of his car and thats way we had car accident. I wss in panic. I never was in car accident before, i drive car very carefuly and i call to road police at the same moment. Dont worry i am ok, just small abrasion on hand and i bamp my head. When the police came they write a lot of papers and ask us about this accident and try to find people who saw this.. so then car hauler came and drive away my car. I was surprised a little bit and policers ask me to go to their car , they ask me to sign some papres make some tests and test for alcohool. They say that my test show akohool, and htey say that i am guilty in this car accident!!! I cant believe it, that driver run into back of my car and i am gulity because i drink a little bit of wine before. When i was living in usa they let drivers to drink a little bit alcohool when driving but here in poland they think that i automatically gulty because i have alcohool in my test. Of course they show me a lot of rules and so on, i read it and i understand it is useles to argue with police and prove them something. So they say i have to pay 2300 euros for driving drunken. It is not the end of my story. After this i go to place where i rent this car, i had to explain everything and here i had goon news, car had a n insurance so i shouldnt pay for this accident to them. Of course my talk with manager wasn.t pleasent. He talk with me rudely from one part i understand him but from other part i was sitll in shock and he has no right to talk with me like this. So after this talki should solve the problem with police and pay them. I went to bank to take money from my credit card VISA. I always use Visa when i traveling and i had here not a lot of money, so i took here 700 euros, i have other card it is called AMEX, it is american banking card here i have big ammount of money, my savings from salary and here money from selling of my parents home here in poland, i sell it 3 years ago when i gone to usa. I try to save as much money as i can on this AMEX credit card because i am planing to buy a house in future or to use it for my own business. So i try to take other part of money from this card, but without any sucess. I try to call to my bank in usa, to know what is wrong why i can t take money from this card, they say there is block in eastern Europe for safety of my savings, manager in bank say that i couldnt take money in poland ( as you know it is ex USSR and americans think it is not trusworthy county) that is why american bank put additional bloking for AMEX card. but for example can take it without problem in your country. ATM in your country has no such blocking. Now i begin to worry, i explain that i need money from my credut card but they say cant help if i am in poland. I cant leave poland if i will not pay to police. They took my passport, i have only 700 euros to pay them now, but i need 1600 euros more. It os so pity to have money and couldnt take it. Alan i want to ask you if i can borrow this 1600 euros from you. i need it only to pay to police and be free to come to you . As soon as i will come to airport and we will meet with you i go to ATM to back you all money. I understand this request is terrible and i never ask it if i could solve it myself, please understand my situation. Sorry for my request i feel so unconfortable asking you this. I guarentee that i back you everything and even some more, just for your help. when you see me and when i can take money in your country. You are the one whom i can ask to do me this favoir, i dont have nobody here. You are my chance, moreover i already have tickets.I am very upset now and i hope soon everything will be finished. Now i need to take pills to calm down and have some rest. I urgently wait your decision. Barbara From poland with love

Status of report:  is still without proof

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