Scam report about Enchill Abrhmms

First name:  Enchill
Last name:  Abrhmms
Aka:  Anne Williams
Age:  29
Location:  Ghana Accra
On websites:
Report:  She told me her name was Anne Williams. Even has a Facebook page and everything. Started chatting with her on yahoo IM. She told me she was a student in Ghana...and that she was going to be done over there on Sept 10 and then could come be with me. Of course she doesn't have a cell phone, and no web cam. So i was stupid enough to send her $200 to buy a web cam. Of course she didn't buy it...she said she had to use the money to pay her cable/internet bill. I have seen her on cam...she even did a nice strip tease for me...was all oiled up and everything. The funny thing was...the cam she was using...her friends cam...kept freezing up. Like all the time. Yet when she did the striptease, the cam never froze. It wasn't perfectly smooth, but it never froze. She also had me talking to a Rose Williams on yahoo IM (email addr = williams.rose23) who she claimed was her mother. I gotta tell you guys...this chick is very good at what she does...very slick. Just today she was telling me that her mother was really sick...deathly ill...and she wanted to come to me and have the both of us go visit her mother...who is in the Virgin Islands. Of course i would have to send her money for the flight. Guys...she professed her love to me over and over and over again. Fortunately i decided to join this website and stop the bleeding before it got out of control. It only cost me $ could have been worse...much worse.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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